Moderator Wanted Would you like to Moderate the "Freebies" forum?

Discussion in 'Fabulous Freebies' started by pasharain, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Hello and thank you for your interest! :)Want to moderate this forum? Please read the requirements and guidelines below, and then click HERE to complete the application:

    Requirements for Applying:
    • You must be a registered member of HCW at least 2 months.
    • You must be an active poster in the forum.
    • You must be willing to fill out the HCW moderator agreement.
    • Interacting with members and providing them with the information they seek, including posting deals regularly and answering their questions.
    • Keeping the forum organized, tidy and easy to navigate by editing titles, thread prefixes, merging or moving posts and threads, when necessary.
    • Watching threads and posts for unethical use of coupons or other violations of our Community Rules, removing such posts and warning the poster.
    • Taking care of reported posts in a timely manner.
    • Watching for spammers and banning them via the infraction system.
    Please let us know if you have any questions. ;)

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