Walmart - Other WM Wouldn't Refund My $$ For Razors and Cartridges



Hello friends. New here. I just have a quick question about my experience trying to get my money back. Does anyone know if they changed their return policy?

I wanted a refund for a few things I bought when we shopped to get things for our vacation trip (which had to be cancelled), but they wouldn't refund my money for 2 razors and 2 cartridges I bought. They returned my money for a blouse and a hair thing though.

I asked them why, since I didn't open it or use it, and I was told I needed the receipt.

Should I call corporate?


Well did you have a receipt for the other returned items? Have you done a lot of returns without receipts recently? I would have just asked for store credit if it was a problem.. I guess I would need more info to help you.


If you can produce the receipt, I'd say to just bring it and avoid problems. If they question you in case they see coupons, you can always tell them you'd gladly get the coupons back plus whatever is the balance for the items you're returning. If they say they can't return the coupons, tell them you expect full merchandise credit for the sale price, if they don't give cash refund or return payment to your CC.


I remember reading somewhere that razors are one of the most shop lifted things in stores. It made me LOL because I haven't paid full price for a razor in over 15 years- always getting them free or dirt cheap after coupons. They might also have a problem with people buying them from drug stores for next to nothing then trying to get Walmart credit for them through a return. Just find your receipt, or if you buy things you may possibly return make sure you don't lost your receipt. I rarely return anything so I am no help


wal-mart refund policy updates

I wanted to reply to this inquiry about Wal-mart's return policy, which was updated a few years ago. To get the latest revised policy, go to and at the bottom of nearly any of their webpages, click on the "Return Policy" link under 'Customer Service' heading. You can go there to research & even print out a copy, which is always good to have on hand.

The following addresses returns WITHOUT a receipt:
Each person is allowed 3 separate return transactions (OVER $10) WITHOUT A RECEIPT - EVERY 6 MONTHS, but ONLY if u produce a valid driver’s license or state issued ID card which must be current and contain a photo (a college student ID is also accepted at some stores). Wal-mart enters your drivers license # or id# into their return system at the time of your return. This is how they keep track of whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd return without a receipt during any given 6 month period. After your 3rd return or store credit (over $10) without a receipt, they do not allow any more returns (without a receipt) until the 6 month period has passed (a 6 month period starts from the date of your first return without a receipt to the current date). Of course, if you have a receipt and are returning any item on that receipt within 90 days, there is NO identification or driver license requirement, or tracking the # of your returns.

Be aware that often times while returning items without a receipt, the amount of credit you are given is much lower than what the item is currently selling for! Even if you KNOW u paid full price for it just yesterday, without a receipt, they may issue the lowest sale or clearance price, which can be significantly lower than the full price you may have actually paid. Don’t bother disputing this, because whatever return price that is in their system is what you will get, unless you produce that receipt!
A Wal-mart gift card is given for returned item(s) without a receipt, which is also referred to as 'store credit'. If the total amount of your return is under $10 you will be refund in cash. The "under $10 cash refund" is not held to the "3 returns in 6 month limit", there is not a limit on these. However, if the return amount is over $10, the 3 return limit within 6 months policy will apply.

Sometimes customers who know about the "under $10 cash refund without a receipt" return and will go to such lengths to purposefully make 3 (or more) separate return transactions so the total will not go over $10 and avoid being put into the "3 returns in 6 month" system. There's various reasons for this, perhaps the customer doesn't have a valid ID, or wants to return a larger ticket item without a receipt later, and don't want to "waste" one of their 3 returns in 6 months. I hope I haven't confused everyone so far.

Speaking of larger returns without a receipt (over $100), a store manager must approve the return. If the manager denies a return for a larger ticket item without a receipt, he/she will explain to the customer how exactly the return violates their policy. The most common denials apply to items such as electronics, opened video games, movies, cd's & software. Unopened movie dvd/bluray & music cd's can only beexchanged for the exact same movie dvd/blueray or cd they cannot receive a refund or a store credit without a receipt. All these caveats are listed within the return policy, again at the wal-mart website.

Also, keep in mind, Wal-mart no longer accept returns or gives store credit for grocery / food or any perishable items without a receipt. These items are often purchased using "foodstamps" (now called SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or EBT (electronic benefits transactions - like Medicaid & welfare debit cards) and walmart wants to prevent folks from buying $400 worth of groceries and returning them without a receipt in order to obtain a Walmart Giftcard (store credit) which can in turn, be easily sold or used to purchase items such as alcohol, cigarettes, electronics, etc.
If you have a receipt for grocery items, you will receive a credit, including cash as as long the receipt shows that you purchased the grocery items. For those who do use SNAP/EBT and have a receipt and wish to make a return, the credit will go back onto your Snap/Ebt card only.

REMEMBER, keep your receipt, it just makes everything much easier for everyone! Even if you do not "normally return things" or you assume you won't need to take something back, then let me give you a quick example of what happened to me. About a week after doing some grocery shopping, i grab my $8 Tyson Chicken strips bag out of the freezer and I noticed that crumbs were falling out - I noticed that a slit from a box cutter was along the bottom seam, exposing the contaminated chicken. Without a receipt it would be an $8 waste without keeping that little important piece of paper. Reember I can't return any grocery items without a receipt.

I now keep ONE envelope marked boldly: RECEIPTS that I put all my receipts for anything paid for in cash, or grocery purchases etc. If something breaks or doesn't work etc., I don't have to worry.
I rotate and trash them about every 3 or 4 months - because 90 days is the standard time frame that most return policies allow for refunds. Of course, there are a few exceptions depending on the item, check the return policy to be sure.

If you have a receipt, you have a 99.99% of having no problem making a return - even grocery items (if not purchased using foodstamps/SNAP) and you are pretty much guaranteed that you will receive a refund for the price you paid, and it will be credited back to you in the form you paid.

Please make note that if your receipt indicates that you paid using a debit/credit card, and you have a return for an item(s) that is on that receipt, it can take up to 5-7 business days before the credit is processed and reflected back onto your debit or credit card account. I usually just ask for a Wal-mart Giftcard because I'm able to use it immediately or anytime I am in Wal-mart.

CHECKS: If your receipt indicates that you paid with a check, and you now have a return, you will get cash back ONLY if 10 BUSINESS days have passed since the date of your receipt.
If it has been less than 10 business days, Wal-mart will issue a giftcard in the amount of the return.

Please let me know if I've left out anything or if you have a question, thanks!


I know I return more than 3 items in 6 months, but it always with a receipt. I save them in an envelope. The employees never give me any trouble. I am fairly sure I haven't returned an item without a receipt in years . . . the product of working retail for a long time.

So I'm guessing that you are talking about returns without receipts. Like I said, I return stuff all the time . . .but with a receipt. And I don't have to show my driver's license.

Bristina Solodolo

if u dont have a receipt thats when that policy applies so if the razor is under $10 after tax return them separately...if its more then $10 it will promt them for ur id number...if u paid with a crdeit car and u kno the day and around the amount u spent they can bring up ur receipt in a couple hours or a day or 2...hope that helps


yes i edited my post to be more clear, the limit of 3 returns within a 6 month period is WITHOUT A RECEIPT AND IN EXCESS OF $10.

you're correct, as long as you have your receipt (within 90 days - sometimes longer depending on store) you should have no problems...

thanks for pointing this out.