FAQ When a "Coupon Discussion by Source" sub-forum is closed, where do all the posts go?

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    As you probably noticed, some of the "Coupon Discussion by Source" sub-forums have been closed and the remaining ones will close soon. All the posts are not gone. :) Current coupons have been moved to the "Coupon Discussion by Source" main forum. Please post your new coupon finds there.

    The "Printable Coupons" sub forum will remain, and the "Printable Rebates" forum will soon be relocated to this area.

    Outdated or expired coupon posts are being parked in the "Coupon Archive" forum. Every effort is being made to place thread prefixes that include the "Coupon Type" on the old posts so that you can quickly find the information you need.

    You can also preform a search (search box at the top of all web pages) within the forum to find things.

    We hope that you are enjoying the improvements to the site!

    Happy Saving!

    Ashley :D
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