what to do with all this fruit?


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Freeze the apples. Then you can pull them out when you decide what to do w/ them.
Like cobbler or pies, etc. Check out recipe sites. Use Google; it's your friend.

Oranges, now that one's harder.


I love fresh squeezed oj, so I would probably juice the oranges. The apples can be made into apple sauce or can be used in pies and turnovers.


I'm doing Weight Watchers and saw a recipe the other day for baking the apples until crisp, like chips. Then you can store them in ziplock bags and eat them like chips.

I belive the directions said to slice thin, like chips, place on cookie sheet lightly sprayed with pam, bake at 250 degrees for 40 mins or until crisp. It also said to sprinkle with splenda and cinnamon. I bet they'ld be yummy!And healthier than potato chips!!


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nanna, I would love to have that recipe! Great idea! I LOVE apple chips. I need to get offline, but will be back on, in the morning.


For the oranges:

Orange Juice (and I bet you can freeze it)
Orange Marmalade (Absolutely Fail-Proof Easy Marmalade Recipe : Recipezaar)
Brine a turkey or chicken Thanksgiving Turkey Brine Recipe : Recipezaar
Fresh Orange Rice Recipe : Recipezaar
Thai Citrus Chicken Salad Recipe : Recipezaar
Chocolate Coated Orange Peels Recipe : Recipezaar

For the apples:

Slice, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, bake in the oven until soft. Let cool and freeze. You have pie filling or cobbler base whenever you need it.

Slice and put in salads

For both:

Cinnamon Oranges Recipe : Recipezaar


That sounds really Good!!! I have a few apples so I may have to try that.


Those wouldn't last long in my house. :sad:

I just got 24 lbs of apples today. I like that idea of the apple chips. I might try and make some of those before the kids eat all of them!
(We had 30 lbs of oranges 2 weeks ago- there are about 2 oranges left!)


You could send them to my house - they'll last a week, tops!

I've frozen oranges before- you just have to peel and section them, then toss them onto a sheet pan to freeze. Once they're frozen, toss them into a ziploc bag.

For the apples you could do applesauce or canned apples. It's really not that hard actually. You'll just have to peel and chop them then cook them. If you want applesauce, just chop them finer and cook them longer.

If you want to can them, you'll either have to get some jars, or just put them into plastic containers and let them cool, then toss them into the freezer.