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    The "Resources" tab (found at the top of any page) is a place for the community to share useful and/or exciting downloads with the community. Right now it is packed with cute "Home Organization" forms and Dave Ramsey "Budgeting" forms. It also has a "Hot Coupon World" themed coupon binder cover page. More couponing forms are planned, so check back!

    To see whats available for a particular type "Resource," just choose the category you are interested in using the menu located in the top left corner of the Resources page. It looks like this:

    Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.35.31 PM.png
    Once you find the Resource you want to print click on it to open the "download" page. Then, click download (see screenshot below):

    Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 4.28.55 PM.png

    Want to make your own "Resource" available to the entire Hot Coupon World community? CLICK HERE to read an instructional "how to," complete with screenshots.

    Happy Saving! ;)
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