Kroger (Texas/Louisiana) What is Kroger's return policy - without a receipt?



Does anyone know what Kroger's return policy is - without a receipt? It's not perishable food - it's cosmetics/shampoo etc...


I tried it once, they gave me hell. Wouldn't accept it and told me the store I originally bought it from was where I had to return the shampoo. That store was 2hrs away------- I went through a few managers and was sooo ticked.

I called Kroger and they ended up crediting me the difference on my kroger card for my troubles. I purchased a clearance organix shampoo for .49 or something and ended up paying 4.99 for it.

I know that's a huge difference, but I was getting nail polish and remover b/c I chipped mine and was due at a wedding in 15 minutes. So I wasn't paying much attention:hysterical:


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My Kroger won't take anything back without a receipt, even the Kroger brand. Now that is sad.


You're asking about without a receipt? Twice now I have been burned by Krogers on returns out of thousands of dollars I have spent there. Heck, they will not return most general merchandise items with a receipts--unused, unopened, unexpired!
I cannot believe that a corporation as large as Kroger does not have a written return policy. One measily spick of an assistant manager told me once and I quote" I AM THE RETURN POLICY. THERE IS NO WRITTEN POLICY." Well, all hail the dictator! God.
The other time I had an issue I asked via their complaint form to have the area manager Mr. H call me. The flake never did. Even after I call corp and asked them again to have him call me.

Bottom line: kroger does not give a hoot about customers. It is okay to spend there but you can never return.



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I don't know how to get rid of the bolding.....this is from Krogers FAQ page below:

Kroger - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Customer Service

What if I wish to return something I purchased at a Kroger store?
Your returns are always welcome. All merchandise is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly give you a refund, exchange, adjustment or credit to a Kroger Gift Card. Some exclusions apply.

I have a Fred Meyer (the bolding is gone...duh?) which is a Kroger company. They have posted at the CS desk a sign about returns. With a receipt they'll give you cash back as long as it's still in the system (three months? I think?). Without a receipt or if it's no longer in the system, then they will put it on a gift card. I think they also give you the current price, so if you bought an item at say $20, it's no longer in the system and it's on sale that day for $10, all you'll get is $10.

I would print out the FAQ page and have that with you when you go to return something. I know electronic type items have different rules, though.


I have returned items both with and without a reciept to Kroger, they went perfectly... No receipt, refund goes on a giftcard- receipt, cash back for amount paid. Only exception is newspapers- if you buy a sunday paper there and someone stole the coupons and you don't know until you get home- you are crap out of luck. No returns on magazines/newspapers. Publix and Walmart will exchange a sunday paper if the coupons are stolen. After that happened 4 times- we now go thru the sunday papers at the customer service desk BEFORE we buy them.


Thanks for the link, Merczilla. "we'll give you the national brand free." WOW. It was ironically amusing to see words like "kindly" and "gladly" when it comes to Kroger returning items. I strongly believe now it is a direction from the area manager to discourage any returns. I suspect that because he wouldn't return my call, even after I asked twice for him to call me.

In both of my return incidents at Kroger, I asked to speak with the manager of the one who was speaking so rudely to me/refusing my return. In both cases, the one I was speaking to told me in an intimidating tone that I did not need to speak to anyone else higher than them. Very frustrating and has now permanently changed my view on Kroger.

Nice to know the Georgia Kroger folks are doing it right, Mumof3boys. Thanks for the tip on missing coupons and Walmart's paper exchange policy. It is super annoying when a coupon back is missing. I once stared a lady down (and out) at Meijers who was attempting to lift multiple coupons from a rack of Sunday papers! haha


In both of my return incidents at Kroger, I asked to speak with the manager of the one who was speaking so rudely to me/refusing my return. In both cases, the one I was speaking to told me in an intimidating tone that I did not need to speak to anyone else higher than them.

:hysterical::hysterical: Don't ya just love those kind of folks? They're the ones I love to tell, "OBVIOUSLY I do ... considering it is CORPORATE's policy for customers to be made extremely unhappy, you need a raise and recognition for doing your job exceptionally well, and I'll be happy to give you an endorsement! AND let corporate know that THEIR policy is costing THEM customers! You providing me with the name and number of that person will just make your recognition that much quicker!" (said SO nicely butter couldn't melt in your mouth, with a very pleasant smile ... that ANY kid knows means "YOU ARE in DEEP ---- now, child!" ... BUT so polite the person LOOKS like a complete imbecile for doing anything but politely giving you the information:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: !!!)
I know ... I'm an evil little person sometimes!:whistle67::whistle67: