What do you think Amy Coney Barrett will do?

Discussion in 'Tell It Like It Is!' started by Fillies Fan, Sep 27, 2020.

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    No, I am not asking what judicial decisions she will make. I am more curious about where she will live.

    She seems to me to be a very devoted wife and mother. This is made much more important by the fact that her children are of school age. She does not appear to me to be the kind of parent who does not want to be there for them.

    So, how will she handle this?

    a. As a SCOTUS Justice, will she commute daily (or almost daily) by air to/from DC and Indiana?

    b. Will her entire family move to the DC area, meaning that her husband will have to give up his law practice and the 7 children will have to start in new schools?

    c. Will she live alone in DC and leave almost all of the parenting to her husband?
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