What are you getting Cheap or FREE in August 2021?


Trader Group
I ordered a 5 lb bag of dog food from Amazon and used my gcs to pay for it. It should arrive early next week. So much for prime 2 day delivery.

The P & G website finally had a gc I could use and I ordered a $5 Starbucks gc and added it to my app.

The bank treated me to lunch today and I got a turkey wrap, diet coke and some chips and cookies. It was my last day for this week since school starts for me on 9/1/21 I will work 3 more days at the bank in September due to school holidays. I need the money.


Super Swapper
Trader Group
I went to Kohl’s on Tuesday.
I had Kohl’s cash that was expiring.
I would have ordered online but hate to pay for shipping and didn’t need $75 worth of merch for free shipping.
I found some hard cover Dr.Suess books for $2.50 each.
I found a dress and a 3 piece outfit from the clearance rack that should fit my granddaughter next spring.
Most tops were still short sleeved or sleeveless & full price...very little fall & winter.
The distance between the clothing racks was even further apart this time - I’m shocked by the lack of merchandise in the store.
Kitchen linens were almost nonexistent.
The store was empty...(as in no customers). It would have been better shopping if there was more to look at.