What am I going to cook with all this Kraft BBQ Sauce?

Discussion in '"Stockpile" Recipes' started by Doreen, May 8, 2009.

  1. Doreen

    Doreen Guest

    Help Me, Help Me!

    I am no Betty Crocker in the Kitchen. :giggle2:

    What am I going to do with all this Kraft BBQ Sauce?

    TIA :smile77:
  2. dwshrty77roc

    dwshrty77roc Guest

    You can always ship some to me. Send me a PM and I'll give you my addy, :hysterical::giggle2: How have you been doing.

    You can always make some meatballs or have a cook-out. :smile77:
  3. Doreen

    Doreen Guest

    Hey you! Chillin' in Kansas. :smile77:

    Yummmm, a cook-out. It finally stopped raining here so that's possible now.
  4. cheynesnana

    cheynesnana Guest

    MMMM I love bbq sauce.. LOL

    I put it on chicken... (wings too.. yummy)... pork chops... put a pork tenderloin in your crock pot and cover it with bbq sauce.. let it cook all day.. then shred it for sandwiches...

    Now I'm hungry.. LOL
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  5. isis

    isis Guest

    I pour a bottle over ribs and let them cook on low all day in the crockpot.
    You could also do the same with chicken pieces.

    When we do inside hotdogs (boiled in water), I cut the dog in half lenghtwise, and fry it in a tbsp or so of bbq sauce mixed with some chopped onions & pickles.

    DH also used bbq sauce for dippin fries and chicken tenders.
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  6. Andra

    Andra Guest

    BBQ Baked beans
  7. Andra

    Andra Guest

    Take your favorite meat put it in the crock pot
    Pour the sauce over it
    Pour one can of cola over it (any kind, coke, pepsi or even Dr. Pepper work)

    Cook on low for 6-8 hour depending on the size of the meat (chicken takes less time.)

    Shred and make sandwiches.

    Add extra BBQ sauce to the sandwiches if you want.
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  8. Andra

    Andra Guest

    1 bottle BBQ Sauce + 1/2 cup Grape Jelly + Little Smokies or Meatballs or lentil rice balls (VEG option) + crockpot on low for an hour = yummy appetizers for a party. :party25:
  9. Andra

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  10. Doreen

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  11. loladooder99

    loladooder99 Guest

    You can have :
    Sloppy joes,barbque chicken,Hillshire farm little wienes in a crockpot with some vinegar and the bbq sauce. BBQ pork sandwhiches,hamburger biscuit cups,meatloaf,and of course dipping sauce for chicken nuggets.
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  12. eiramnoaj

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    Don't feel pressured to use it all before the expiration date. I think it takes much longer for this stuff to go bad (much longer!:giggle2:). Let's just say I'm still using Cattlemen's bbq sauce that has an expiration date of early 08 and it tastes the same. :shrug7: (Same goes with mustard and ketchup.)
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  13. loaslaen

    loaslaen Guest

    I was thinking of doing chicken barbecue in the crockpot tonight, but I don't have any barbecue sauce yet! Can I go ahead and throw frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with maybe a little water and then add the barbecue sauce after I buy it? About how long does it take to cook from frozen on high? on low? Thanks!
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  14. latte

    latte Guest

    from frozen on high---this should take about 6-8 hours

    from thawed, it would take about 4 hours on low (i think? its been a LONG time since ive thawed anything before its gone intothe crockpot)

    adding the bbq sauce after would be better if you were shredding the chicken .........but if your going to cook it in water....save the "broth" it makes!!! and then add your bbq sauce and let simmer on high for anther hour or so

    adding the bbq sauce when it goes into the crock pot helps the bbq sauce marinade threw all of the chicken

    i use a bbq/eggwash when i make chicken strips:)
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  15. niecey1996

    niecey1996 Guest

    Like some of the other posts said......I got my free bbq for our summer cookouts. Plus, I gave a couple of them away. (My MIL and BIL) ;)
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  16. kval07

    kval07 Guest

    I make my own homemade BBQ Chicken pizza! My family loves when I make it!
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  17. loaslaen

    loaslaen Guest

    Yes, I am planning on shredding it.

    I was looking online and alot of recipes say frozen 6-8 on low and about 4 hours on high. I don't know what to do I just know they need to be done in about 5 hours and they've been on for 30 minutes on low. Maybe I'll switch it to high in another 30 minutes and then check on them after 3-4 hours. Crockpot does have a warm setting so if they're done before we're ready I can set it there. I just want to make sure we aren't waiting around on them to finish too long because it will be a late meal as it is.

    Oh, I forgot to add that it is 6 boneless chicken breasts, if that makes a difference.
  18. Ggbwg

    Ggbwg Guest

    I use it on everything. I cook it on my burgers, chops, ribs etc. I make chicken bbq pizza. I cook a porkloin in my crockpot all day and when it's done i shredd and add bbq sauce. Use it to top meatloafs. We make grilled chicken and place in tortilla rop w/ bbq sauce and cheese and lettuce.
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  19. 434Teresa

    434Teresa Guest

    it gose good on just about any meat u want to cook..
  20. frugalstafar

    frugalstafar Guest

    I second the bbq chicken pizza- I didn't think I'd like it but it was very good. take pizza crust put bbq sauce on just as you would regular sauce, top with cooked chicken(I had some bbq chicken leftover I had frozen just for this purpose) top with cheese and bake.
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