Very simple Manwich recipe kids will LOVE



This is a very easy recipe to make and it requires little or no skill :hysterical:

You need
1 standard size can of manwich or generic alternative
1 lb of ground beef, chuck or round (my opinion leaner is better)
2 rolls of Pillsbury crescent rolls (can use generic here too but Pillsbury seems to do a nice job
8 OZ bag of shredded cheese (any kind)

Preheat oven to whatever crscent roll containers tell you to (typically 400-425 is good)
Cook beef and drain grease
add manwich and mix well
Open crescent rolls and open them up (But do not separate)
Place first can of rolls on ungreased cookie sheet (Should be large rectangle (with the rolls still all connected)
Place manwich mix on layer of rolls
spread out evenly and top with cheese (your choice of kinds) I prefer sharp cheddar (My favorite :biggrin:)
Now open other tube of rolls and keep them connected. This goes over the top of dish (I press sides and ends together from top and bottom layers as it leaves less of a mess when its done (stuff oozing out the sides)
Now I cook it for 12-15 minutes (that will vary a little bit) Keep an eye on it and when its golden brown on top its done.
You can also add cheese to the top

I use to make this for my ex-wife's kids and they went crazy.
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