Kroger (Texas/Louisiana) Understanding Your Receipt

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Lately I have noticed some weird things on my Kroger receipts so I decided to start a new topic. For example, a "2% phonecard fee" tax showed up on my receipt but instead of adding to the tax it DEDUCTED from my tax (and no I did not buy a phone card). So, I've decided to start with the basics:

SC = Scanned Coupon
MC = Multiplied Coupon
SC MO = ?
MC OP = ?
RD = Register Discount ?
[+] PC = Mega Item ?


I don't know what OP stands for, but it shows up when the coupon beeps and they override it.


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SC actually stands for Store Coupon- basically means the store is NOT getting reimbursed for this from manufacturer, they are taking the hit
MC actually stands for manufacturer coupon - store will get reimbursed when submitting coupon
SC MO = store coupon , manager override I believe
MC OP = manuf. coupon operator override, this will appear when store pushes beeping coupon through
RD = Register Discount ? Not sure if that is what it stands for, but you will see this during promotions like the mega sale or the GM deal last week, when it takes off a lump sum
[+] PC = Mega Item yes, the + shows a participating product in the mega sales


My receipt has the phonecard fee reduction too. Not going to question since it goes in my favor but it would be nice if I knew what it was for.