Tips Tips for Creating a Great Train Wish List.

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    Good envies, start with having an updated Wish List posted, best of all you can have a regular Wish List and one for trains. When creating your Wish List, remember to give your senders something to work with. Also, make sure to link to it in your signature. If riders have to hunt your Wish List down, more than likely they will not.

    A good time to update your Wish List is whenever you sign up for a train, before the ride starts.

    A fantastic train Wish List is one that has a ton to choose from, and has links to current printables. If your printable links do not work, riders will move on. They will not hunt them down for you. Be sure to include currently accessible insert coupons, some non inserts that people may have, along with your hard to find dream coupons.

    Make sure to list anything you collect or enjoy, such as Coke Codes, BTFEs, stickers, tea bags, perfume samples, etc. This is especially useful for "little things" trains. You will increase your chances of receiving "little things" you actually want if you list them.

    Your train Wish List should also avoid specific coupon values. For example avoid saying things like: "Lipton Tea $1/1, I can't use smaller values." It is an unfortunate truth that coupon values are declining. Such statements may preclude you from receiving a smaller value coupon that you might use, and you will instead receive a coupon for a product you never buy.

    Also, make sure your Wish List has good notes that inform fellow riders what you can and cannot use, and some "general" type wishes. For example, you could say something like:

    "If you are mailing a train envie to me, it may be good to know that I do not drink coffee, do not use creamer, hate canned goods, and my house is chemical free (so cleaner coupons will go to waste). However, we love candy, chocolate, and go through a ton of pasta sauce."

    You should also note things like: "I can double, so I prefer .50/1 over $1/2. I shop Target, CVS and Walgreens so coupons for those stores are great."

    Please remember that your notes do not trump the train rules so you "could" still get some of these things, but notes can help reduce the things you absolutely will not use.

    If your Wish List is not much beyond the "hard to get your hands on coupons," make fellow riders who are conscientious feel better by noting something to the effect of:

    "I fully understand that my list is one that is hard to fill. Please do not sweat it, I enjoy trains and understand that I may not get a lot, if any wishes, I use what I can and retrade the rest". That takes a lot of pressure off your sender, and they may be more generous with you in return.
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