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    So, you’ve joined our Traders Group? If not, CLICK HERE to get started.

    Here are some tips to help you become an excellent trading partner.

    Respond to Private Messages (PMs) timely.

    If a fellow member needs something you are offering, they may hold off seeking it elsewhere until you respond. Most coupons and rebates are time sensitive. Thus, never would you want a delay on your part to prevent a fellow member from obtaining the needed items elsewhere.

    If a fellow member is offering you something you need, they may hold it for you until you respond. Kindly give them the opportunity to either close the deal with you or unload it elsewhere before it expires.

    Check the feedback of potential trading partners before agreeing to a trade.

    • If their feedback score is less than 20, we recommend holding your end of the trade until their end is received.
    • If they have any negative feedback, you may want to move on.
    HCW also maintains a “Bad Traders” list. It is recommended that you AVOID trading with any member on the list, unless you hold your end until theirs is received. Thankfully, bad traders are rare!

    Mail trades promptly. Trades should be mailed within 24 hours, unless it is a weekend or holiday. Make sure you always have a supply of stamps on hand for trades. Notwithstanding expiration dates, your fellow member may need the trade items for a sale. Most sales only last a week, leaving precious little time to get the needed coupons.

    Treat your fellow traders as you hope to be treated.
    If you are unable to mail items within 24 hours, let the other person know up front before the trade is finalized.

    Keep good records. Good recordkeeping will help you determine if your trades are missing or late. It is recommended that all trade related PMs be saved until the trade is FULLY completed. In the rare event of a bad trade, your records can assist in resolving the issue.

    Don’t be quick to take offense. If you receive a PM from a moderator indicating that a "bad trade" has been reported against you, please do not be offended. These measures are in place to help make HCW a safe trading environment for everyone. When a bad trade is reported, HCW gives each member the opportunity to explain their side. Ample time is given to help members resolve trade issues before any member is banned from the board and/or publicly placed on the "Bad Traders List."

    Always include your HCW user name on trade envelopes. Many of us only know each other’s HCW user name. If a trader need multiples of the same coupon, often they will trade for it with one than one person. Placing your user name clearly on the envelope immediately identifies your trade as being received.

    Consider a scale. If you engage in large trades often, consider getting a digital postage or kitchen scale. No one wants to regularly overpay postage.

    Know your +4 zip code? Include it when exchanging your address for trades. This will help speed up the delivery of your items. Likewise, when you receive a +4 zip code from a fellow member use it to send their items to them.

    Happy Trading! ;)

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