Kitchen Tips & Tricks Tip for Better Pasta Sauce from my Nonna + Leftover Pasta Tip


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Secret from my "off the boat" Italian grandmother: Brown the tomato paste. Slow and very will get muscles!

When I am lazy and do not want to go "scratch," this tip will work magic on Raju as well. For every jar of pre-made sauce I brown 1 8oz. can of tomato paste. I like Contadina or Hunts (plain nothing added). Put just the paste in a nonstick frying pan and use a heat resistant spoon. Low toward medium heat. Let it sit a bit and stir, let it sit a bit and stir (if you have ever made roux, this is similar). You don't want it to burn, you want it to brown. The paste will change color getting darker and richer. I go at least an hour for full flavor (30-40 minutes if I am lazy)...go a 1 and a half when making "from scratch" sauce for your freezer, your family will kiss you, if you don't pass out first from the work. o_O

Another Nonna tip, don't microwave leftover pasta and sauce. "Fry" it in a pan with a tad of olive oil and a heaping amount of finely grated Romano cheese (splurge on the good stuff, not the green can fako Parm). I buy a block and run it through my food processor. The extra work is well worth the flavor. ;) Gotta love comfort food, and my Nonna (she lived to be 94).
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