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:eek:The Spider Expresso_O

This was the first train I ever to celebrate,we are going to run this train again!:D

Here is the info.....since spiders are so plentiful this time of year :confused:-they are my inspiration for:

"The Spider Express"
~ Riders will mail 1 envie to 1 person.
~ Your envie will include at least:
1 FREE coupon

8 non-inserts
8 inserts
& 8 exact wishlist matches.
You can include more in your envie, but you must include at least that!
Your FREE coupon must be completely free - not free when you buy.

But to be fair, it is very possible after looking over the wishlist you
just don't have anything that person is looking for.


No problem!!
If you aren't able to exactly match 8 coupons,
just throw in 2 un-used forever stamps.
No FREE item coupon? No Problem!! Just add 2 unused forever stamps. Who wouldn't be happy receiving stamps? So how can you lose?

You will either get an envie with at least 8 coupons you are bound to use or you get 2 unused stamps that you can use towards your next mailing. Seems like a WIN-WIN to me!! And hopefully you'll receive some cool non-insert coupons too!

There are some specific rules to this train with respect to your wishlist:
1) You must have an updated and detailed Wish List, with a minimum of 30 items. If you only have cheese as an item on your wishlist then an exact match is anything with cheese on it. This is your opportunity to possibly get coupons you've been really looking take a moment or two, think about what you really want and put it on that wishlist!

2) Your Wish List must include:
a) If you can/cannot use printables;
b) If you can/cannot use expired;
c) The 2-3 stores your frequent most often;
If there's something you don't need multiples of please note it on your WL.

and making sure you understand all the rules, post a reply to let me know you want to claim a ticket.

Then ALSO send me a PM with the following:

* "The Spider Express"
* your full name
* your mailing address
* link to your wishlist

For A Ticket
*I'll be accepting people for this train until I have up to 10 riders including myself.
Taking sign-ups until +.
I need to make sure everyone has a chance to get their coupons organized
before the mailing date, +.

  • You must be a member of the Trader group on HCW and have an iTrader rating of 10 or more with NO negative ratings.
  • To make sure everyone has a chance to use the coupons before they expire, please make sure the coupons expires later than two weeks from the mailing date.
  • You must post when you mail.
  • Mailing early is fine.
  • If for any reason you mail out late, life happens, please post in the thread when it went out so your receiving rider can watch for it.
  • You must post when you receive an envie. If you do not post your envie as received at the 2 week point, I will consider them received. You will not be chased down to verify that you received your envie. The responsibility is yours.
  • If the envie has not been received at the two week point, you will be asked to re-mail an envie. Joining this train means you agree to this rule.
Please remember, that when you sign up to join this train, not only are you agreeing to the specific guidelines of this train and HCW's trading tules. Failing to follow the rules of the train, or not sending an envelope falls under a bad trade for which you can be reported and listed as a bad trader.

Absolutely no expireds, no baby, no meds, no booze and no oddball products that very few members will use unless it is a exact Wish List match.
In other words, no junk!

*EXACT COUPON MATCH GUIDELINES: Limit of one copy of each coupon unless it is an exact match to the wishlist. For example, if the rider has Dole Fruit Cups $0.75/2 x 11/30/16, then Dole Fruit Cups $1.00/3 or Dole Fruit Cups $0.75/2 x 10/15/16 are NOT exact matches.

If you have a exact Wish List match, and the rider did not note that they didn't want multiples, then multiples are encouraged!

  • You must be able to send out 25 quality coupons.
  • If you want to send non-wishlist duplicates or some with a short expiration date, that is okay, but it has to be above the 25 coupon minimum. If you do send extras, please watch your postage!
  • Printables, store-specific coupons, BTFE, Campbells Labels, Coke Codes, Pamper Points, etc., are great to send if the member can use them.
  • Rebates and TMF forms are GREAT to include (just be sure they can be used in the state the receiver is in! )
  • When you mail your envie, include the train name somewhere in or on the envie.
  • Please leave feedback for the fellow rider who sends to you!
  • You are encouraged to PM the member directly if you have questions about what he/she can or cannot use.

With all this said...Who Wants a ticket?

Rider List;)


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