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  1. MrsPinecone

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    Survey Police allows survey-takers like you to review, rank and file complaints against online survey companies. With no standards, no certifications and no accountability of paid survey companies, Survey Police is here to protect online survey participants. Online survey company participants need protection from paid online survey sites that:
    • Don't pay the incentives they promise
    • Charge consumers to access a list of surveys
    • Sell your name, address and other personal information
  2. bjar80

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    thats nice to know!
  3. mj32004

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    this is good, i've tried some before and got burned on the deal.
  4. SchwoomsMom

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    Thanks!! Where was this a while ago!! BTW, does anyone actually keep track of the surveys they do?
  5. lisa d

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    so is this real? I have been all over these sites including the above reference legitimate paid survey sites and found that AW surveys that was listed as good was a scammer what is the real deal?
  6. joshmamabear

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    lately, Pinecone has decreased compensation to $3 plus a chance to win in their sweepstakes of $500. their surveys are a bit complicated and long, I'm not too inclined to give priority to them. although they do pay quickly soon as you finish their survey. I'd rather do viewpoint because their surveys are a lot easier to do and its easy to cash out with 375 points and check comes in 2 weeks.
  7. PaisleyYoda

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    Survey Police worked great for me. I had a problem with Lightspeed not giving me points for 2 surveys nor answering any of my emails. Survey Police got them to award my points, quickly too!
  8. Iron9567

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    Nice to know there is still sites out there to watch our back from scammers online.
  9. pasharain

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    Link in OP working.

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