Recipes - Super Simple super kid friendly pizza rolls


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Out of Pizza rolls in your freezer? GASP! :hysterical:

super kid friendly.

2- pkgs Pillsbury Buiscuits ( depends on ffamily size i have 3 teenagers and 2 little ones all

1- bag pepperoni( any kind is fine)

bacon bits

diced ham pieces

Optional: ( other desired toppings.. diced green peppers and onions, mushrooms, black olives.. ect.)

1- bag shredded moz cheese (or feta cheese)

1- jar pizza sauce or spag. sauce

Preheat oven to time on pkg for buiscuits.

open the buiscuits and flatten them out gently with your fingers place your desired meat in the center of flattened buiscuit.

top with cheese..

roll the buiscuit carefully trying to keep the filling inside pinch the dough together to make a seal.

place on a ungreased baking sheet

bake 8-10 mins until cheese oozes.:wink7:

serve with sauce on the side dippin sauce yum!