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Sticker Train
Taking sign ups until +.
Mail out day will be +.
Early Mail Out is Fine and highly encouraged!
No coupons to expire before +.

Please make sure that you can commit to mailing out on time and posting when you send and receive your envies before signing up.

Traders with an itrader of at least 5 with plenty of QUALITY coupons to share are welcome! You can not have any negative feed-backs to ride. Please read all requirements. I know the list is long, but it's to help ensure you know what is expected so all passengers have a great ride!!


Please make sure to read ALL info and requirements before joining.

  • You can only ride up to 5 trains at a time at HCW.
  • If you are already on 5, you can catch the next one!
  • After reading this WHOLE thread, post below to ride and then PM me with your full name, a link to your wishlist, a sticker wishlist, how many envies you want to send/receive, and addy!!

How it works:

  • You will mail out either 1,2,or 3 envies (you tell me how many) Then you will also receive that amount!
  • All envies must include a 25 coupon potluck following potluck guidelines along with 40 quality stickers. Make sure you watch your postage!

Butterfly - Purple.png

Sticker Guidelines:

Stickers must be at least the size of a coke cap to count towards your 40 stickers. Please don't send your match ups a bunch of the smallest stickers allowed either.

Please avoid sending reward stickers, charity stickers, teeny tiny stickers, heart stickers, star stickers, rainbow stickers, and smiley face stickers These stickers will not count as part of your required 40 stickers unless the member has them listed on their sticker wishlist! If you send these stickers and they are not on your match ups list, then you will be required to do a resend.

So when you sign up tell me how many envies you want to mail/receive.

Each envie must have a minimum of 25 coupons following the guidelines below and 40 stickers.

No coupons to expire before 11/3/16. If you want to include extras with shorter dates that is fine as long as it is over the 25.

I will send out 1 rider list with every riders mailing info. This is where you will get the addies you need to mail to your partners.

Teamwork - Flowers.png

You must be able to mail the amount of envies you agree to envies with at least 25 coupons and 40 stickers in each one.

You must post when you mail and when you receive.

You need a wish list posted to ride. If your list is very short and specific, other train riders will have a harder time matching your list. If there's something you don't need multi's of, note it.

This train is potluck which means you may not get 25 coupons from your WL in each envie. You are not even guaranteed to get one match up on your wishlist.

Although please try to match wish lists. Send the kind of envie you want to receive!

Teamwork - Minions.png
No baby, no pet, no meds, no oddball products that very few members use like depends unless you have an exact wl match. If someone says they can use cat food frees, do not include regular cat food, unless it is an extra.

Limit of 1 of each coupon unless it is an exact match to a wish list. If you have and exact wish list match, then duplicates are encouraged!!! again, more than 1 of something is OK if its "extra"

*printables are great to send if the member can use them. They must be an exact match to the person's wishlist. When I say exact match, I mean the wishlist has to say that it is a printable coupon or that they want printables. Also, remember not all members can use printable coupons.

*store specific coupons are only OK if they are on the WL. They only count towards the potluck if they are an exact match though. Not everyone has the same grocery stores in their areas.

*BTFE's Coke Codes, Pepsi Codes are all great to include if they are wish list items.

Rebates and tmf forms are GREAT to include. Watch state restrictions.

Butterfly - Pink.png

Please leave feedback for your match ups. :)

Here is my 2 week rule!! If your envie has not been received by 2 weeks you will need to resend--you are agreeing to this by signing up. Also you must let me know by PM if you have not received an envie at the 2 week mark--if you have not I will mark it received and you will be forfeiting your right to a resend.

If for some reason you mail out late, please post on the thread when you mailed it out so your fellow rider can know when to expect it. Also if you are going to mail out late or you go out of town or something where you will be away for a while, please let me know. Remember that not mailing out a train envie can result in a bad trader's report being filled and going on the bad trader's list.

Kudos - You Rock Script.png

To Join:

In order to join this train you MUST do the following:

1. Post below that you want to ride.

2. Send me a PM with your mailing address with "Sticker Train " in the subject line. Don't forget to include your address even if you have sent it to me previously.

3. Also, don't forget to tell me how many envies you want to send when you PM me. If you don't tell me by the time the train starts, I will presume one envie. DON'T FORGET THIS STEP!!!!

4. Make sure your wishlist is in your siggy or send me a link for your wishlist.

5. Send me your sticker wishlist, a list of the type of stickers that you like. This will act just like a regular wishlist. Members should try to match what they can from the sticker wishlist, but remember there are not guarantees.

Rider List

(we will turn orange when mailed & purple when received).
Mailing early is ok :)
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