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    A lot of places which are closed because of the coronavirus are sending refunds to people who have pre-paid but a great many are refusing to do so.

    A few airlines gave refunds for canceled flights but until the FAA ordered them to do it other airlines were only willing to give you a credit for a future flight.

    Hotels are iffy. Some will refund your money if you pre-paid, others are refusing to.

    Personally, I am not directly in this situation as I haven't pre-paid for anything for myself. However, I am in it second hand because of Marina's daughters.

    Schools in Israel are free but lunches are not. Marina had to pay for her older daughter's school lunches in advance for the school year (children are not allowed to bring their own). Kindergarten, while mandatory for children over age 3, are not free. Marina's family could not afford either the school lunches nor the kindergarten, so I did.

    As both schools and kindergartens are closed down, I asked Marina today if she will get refunds for the days they are shut. She told me she tried to ask but nobody is working at either place, nor at city hall where she actually gave the money, so she can't get an answer.

    If she does get the refund I am not going to ask her for the money but I am going to tell her to apply it towards the cost of next year's fees.

    Are any of you in similar situations with schools, colleges, hotels, or any other places?
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    @FilliesFan, my daughters' colleges each closed at different times and did not even talk about a refund until a couple of weeks after they moved out of their respective dorms. At first, the colleges said school was online and the campus was not closed. Food was available, so no refunds on food. However, that all changed 2 weeks later when the 2 schools each had confirmed cases of Covid 19, and then, refunds could be credited to your next semester for lodging and food, provided you handed back the key. The girls paid for room & board & the meal plan so they were credited a pro-rated amount back. To get a refund involved 2 trips to D1's and D3's colleges.
    D3's situation was different and her college did not even address a refund until April. D3 was in Brooklyn, NY and not at her college in MA. She did not have a charge for meals and her room and board was more expensive since she was in the city. She has to go to their website and request that the funds be credited to her next semester.
    At our school, if the student has money on their account it will be credited for the following school year. If the kid graduates, I am sure the school will process a refund. However, many kids owe money for lunch (including teachers) and the superintendent told the lady in charge of the cafeteria not to send any bills to families for outstanding lunch fees.
    If Marina cannot get anyone at the school, have her send an email to the school or try facebook. If she has a question about a lunch credit or refund, I am sure many other parents do as well.

    In many stores, signs are posted that no returns will be accepted due the the covid 19 pandemic.
    A co-worker related this story to me. Her friend booked a trip to Italy over a year in advance. As the pandemic was worsening in Italy, in March, the friend and her husband get on the plane, fly over to Italy, and land 2 hours after Italy place a lock down on all travel. They were not allowed to disembark in Italy and were ordered to return to the United States. So the couple spent 24 hours on a plane and were back in the USA! When asked why she went on the trip, the friend was annoyed that the hotel would not refund her any money. LOL
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    My daughter had a field trip scheduled for March 19, and our schools closed down at the end of the day on March 13. It was pretty expensive as far as field trips go--this one was $55 whereas most are $10-$15. We're supposed to be getting that money back at some point.

    The high school marching band also had a HUGE trip scheduled to go to Disney. They were leaving around March 18 and had pre-paid everything. They're supposed to be getting all that money back as well--thank goodness none of my kids were going on that one!

    My college-age daughter is finishing her classes online and she lived and ate in her own apartment off-campus, so we're not out any money there. She has a full-tuition scholarship and pays for her apartment on her own. She is still paying for a couple of months of rent since the lease isn't up until June 30, but she was going to be paying that anyway. I'm a little worried that the quality of the education she is getting isn't as good online as it would be in person, but like I said, we're not actually paying for it because her scholarship covers everything. I think many colleges are in trouble right now, including hers. She got an email yesterday saying that her scholarship was automatically renewed for next year regardless of her academic status--I guess they're worried about attracting students in the coming years and don't want an empty campus sitting there in the meantime.
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