Advice Sharpen Razor Blades At Home (even the cheapo ones) - Save Major Moola $$!


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I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I saw the videos popping up on YouTube about "honing" your razor blades at home using blue jeans. Simply stated, you run the razor in the opposite direction that you shave about 20 times across the jeans. One man on YouTube said he just does in on his forearm "because he is lazy," and another said he shaves in the shower and "just runs his razor across his towel before bathing."

I finally tried this and it actually works! I had "gorilla" legs one night, and I pulled out my Venus disposable razor (not the fancy ones) and it was so dull it wasn't doing its job. I almost instinctively jumped out of the shower to grab a fresh one, and then I remembered "the towel!" I could not believe it, if I did not know better I would have thought it was a new razor.

My husband is doing this as well now ,and he is convinced it works as well! The videos on YouTube are endless, but here is one if I peaked your curiosity.

Also, keeping them dry extends their life as well.