Promo - Recycle Bank Several new opportunities to earn points.

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    These are all in Spanish, but if you scroll down and click the black “Gana 5 Puntos” button, you’ll be able to get the points even if you struggle with Spanish! ;)

    Dale Un Toque “Verde” A Tus Celebraciones Worth – 5 Points

    Desechos Sólidos Municipales [DSM] Worth – 5 Points

    Dale nueva vida a los útiles escolares con estos fáciles proyectos DIY Worth – 5 Points

    Aprende Cómo Coexistir Con Plásticos Worth – 25 Points

    El Reciclaje de Plástico Worth – 5 Points

    El Reciclaje de Lámina de Plástico (Plástico Blando) Worth – 5 Points

    Instalación De La Recuperación De Materiales Worth – 5 Points

    Don’t forget to take the Daily Pledge to earn even more points!

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