Kroger Family Seven Day Treasure Savings & Free Bolt


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Most accounts got a Free Bolt beverage in their digitals. Just click on most recent to bring it up.

Had the treasure chest info in my email. My offer that I received from opening the chest was a free bag of Private Selection Kettle Chips.




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Where do you find the link to this promotion @Jorainna? Is the promotion shown on your website or did you have to go through an e-mail link?

The free Bolt Beverage coupon was in my digital coupon list this morning, but I didn't get any sort of e-mail alerting me. It sounds like the chips you won came through some sort of a promotional link, but without Fred Meyer e-mails I have no way of knowing if FM is participating in the promotion.

The reason I'm asking is that ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, I haven't been receiving e-mails from Fred Meyer. When Kroger took over e-mails from Fred Meyer headquarters in Portland, my e-mails quit arriving for at least THREE, maybe FOUR years -- and you WOULD NOT believe the hoops I had to jump to get them coming again. I still have a folder CRAMMED with e-mails that went back and forth trying to rectify the problem! :confused:

I'd been getting them regularly since February of 2017 and THOUGHT the problem was finally solved, but then BOOM February 2020 they quit coming again. :(

I spoke with a Kroger representative at the West Virginia call center a couple weeks ago about a different matter and he assured me that Kroger was just behind, however, I know @iwik has continued to get FM e-mails even while I haven't been getting them.

If Kroger now has this promotion going and has restarted mega sales, I tend to think they must be getting "caught up" and I'm worried I'm back in the boat I was from 2013 through 2016. :eek:
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@Gardencook , @mtka ... the emporium treasure chest is not with the regular digital coupons. You have to click on "find treasures", then on the next page click on the tresure chest to see your offer. Try to go to this link and see if it works for you:

Okay, I tried the link and it says there is "nothing available to that account" so Fred Meyer must not be participating.

It did give me an FM EmporiYum link which led to a newsletter focusing on some gourmet products. Emporiyum used to have a link I could click on my main FM page, but I checked for that when you posted earlier and it seems to be gone.

Just wish I could get my e-mails so I didn't feel so cut-off!

The fellow in West Virginia checked something on my account the other day and the computer had a list of all the various Kroger chains I've shopped in the past. It seemed like it confused him, but we LIKE shopping Kroger stores when we travel.

Certainly Kroger can't want us to shop competitors when we travel!!! However, it seems like it confuses Kroger that I shop King Soopers in Wyoming/Colorado, Dillons in Kansas, Kroger in Arkansas and Fry's in Arizona. When we're back home -- which is the majority of the months of the year -- we shop our regular Kroger affiliates -- Fred Meyer and Smith's.

What difference does it make? It is all money in Kroger's pockets instead of someone else's. Should I boycott King Soopers next time I'm in Wyoming/Colorado just because it doesn't have Fred Meyer stores? My card works fine no matter which store I shop. o_O
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