Kitchen Tips & Tricks Save Money $$$ on Dishwashing Liquid w/ this tip that is also aesthetically pleasing!


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Transfer your liquid dish soap to a Japanese "soy sauce" dispenser. Here are my reasons, and suggestions on what not to do...

Why do this?

You will save money! This dispenser forces you to use less, but not in an aggravating way. It dispenses more than enough to "get the job done," but far less than the soap manufacturer's dispensers that send far too many of your pennies down the drain.

Plus, it just looks better! I like to leave my dish soap on the countertop as I use it all day long, and this is so much easier on the eyes than a Dawn bottle.

Don't try an American "Ketchup" type dispenser.

This is not a political discussion, but I would like to spare you from wasting your money on American style ketchup, mayo and mustard dispensers. I tried them all, and they just do not work for this purpose.

Problem 1: Most American style dispensers snap on. When they are used as a soap dispenser, the top repeatedly pops off, and a good portion of the soap comes out of the bottle. Thus, defeating the purpose of having it in the first place.

Problem 2: Even when they screw on, the threads tends to be very weak. The cap either pops off or soap oozes out the bottom of the cap, and the purpose in having it is defeated once again.
What kind I use, why and where do you get one...

I love Asian markets. I accidentally stumbled on this Japanese gem while shopping at my local H-mart. It is made by "The Smart Line" and holds 12 oz. of liquid. The threads on the cap are strong, and the soap does not leak.

Unfortunately, H-mart does not sell all of its products online and this is one of them. So, if you have an H-mart near you (find out HERE), you can pick one up for about $3. Don't have a Hmart? Here it is on eBay, albeit at a higher price.

Even at just over $5 on eBay, if you use dish soap as much as the next woman...get one. It will save you money in the long run. I have had mine for about 9 months, and so far it works like the day I bought it.

Please Note: The Smart Line makes other dispensers that look similar for oil, vinegar, etc. I have not tried those. Mine is the 12oz. Soy Sauce bottle. I also have not tried other brands of soy sauce dispensers.
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