Expired Report Coupon Feature is BACK in the new coupon database!

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    Hey everyone...

    I am so happy to announce that you can once again report a coupon for errors (typos, missing information, broken link, etc.).

    The report feature is a little bit different than it was in the old coupon database but it works.

    So here is how you report a coupon:

    Go to the coupon database and scroll down the page below the coupon database itself, below the "Submit New Coupons" form and there you will find it... "Report A Coupon" form.

    When you find a coupon that you think needs to be fixed due to an error copy the ID number (that will be in the first column in the coupon database...a 8 digit number. And paste it into the form. Then fill out the Reason field and let us know what is wrong with the coupon.

    If the coupon is missing information type out something like "missing - (Excludes Trial/Travel Size; Limit 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day)"

    If the coupon has the wrong expiration date type out something like "expiration date should be 12/30/2016"

    If there is a typo type out something along the lines of "Krafy should be Kraft"

    If the link to a printable coupon is broken type out "broken link" or "dead" or something along those lines.

    Just as I check new coupon submissions twice a day I will also be checking for reported coupons and fixing them as needed twice a day.

    Thanks to everyone who enters their coupon finds and helps keep the coupon database in tip-top shape!
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