Remember RME, now Serve? if you have an account, CYE for a $25 bonus offer

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    I know there are others who have RME accounts (similar to paypal) which is now Serve. They sent me a new debit card with instructions to activate. I set it aside for the longest time since my balance was .02 :giggle2: Fast fwd to now, I just checked my Spam folder and there was an email from them offering a $25 bonus if I activate the DC and put $25 in my account. It was an easy transfer and right after I made the transfer from another debit card with limited funds, I got the $25 bonus added so my $25 turned to $50, no sweat!

    I almost lost this 'free' $25 had I not checked my spam folder. Check your mails if you got the Serve DC and the $25 offer that expire 5/31.

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