Recipes using hot peppers that are not chili



Hi everyone :wavehi:! This year I got ahead of myself and ended up planting atleast 10 hot pepper plants (jalapeno and a few other varieties). The problem is that the fruit is rapidly reproducing and I don't have any planned uses of it yet. I have spread the wealth by giving bunches away but I still have plenty and its only August! If you know any excellant recipes that involve the use of hot peppers, could you please share? :biggrin:



Well, salsa, of course, we eat alot of it too!

If you have any larger peppers you could make chili rellenos:

Core and seed peppers, leaving the pepper whole. Fill with cheese of your choice, batter with egg and flour, and pan-fry. If you have jalapenos, these will be like jalapeno poppers. If you like some crunch, you could coat them with bread crumbs and/or crushed cornflakes.

My MIL makes something called green rice which is rice with jalapenos, cilantro and sour cream, I don't know the exact recipe, but it is delicious!


You can also grind they up and freeze them. Thats what i do, and use them as needed.


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You can roast them on a grill until the skins are charred. Then place them in a paper bag and roll down the top to seal it, and allow the peppers to steam inside for about 5-10 minutes. Shake the bag, and the skins will start to peel off inside of the bag. You can either do this with a paper lunch bag for a small batch, or do a really big batch in a paper grocery bag. Open the bag and peel off the rest of the skins and pull off the stems. Then you slice the peppers open and remove the seeds. You can either leave the pepper in big chunks, or chop it up and freeze it for later. Roasting really brings out the flavor and then you can have it for the rest of the year to make green chicken enchiladas, tortilla soup, green chile stew, or any other number of Southwestern/Mexican style dishes. In New Mexico, roasted green chile peppers are the number one condiment and they put it on practically everything.


I've roasted them under my broiler when the grill isn't convenient. Just remember to turn them and keep a close eye on them.


i would suggest the hot mustard or the pepper jelly as a pp said!


We slice ours in half lengthwise and remove the stems and seeds. Then fill with cream cheese (use flavored or season plain to your taste) and pop under the broiler till browned. Let cool and flash freeze on the baking tray. Then pop them in a ziploc bag. Quick and easy appetizers you can enjoy all winter, just heat and eat!!!


Hot pepper jelly, philly cream cheese on a's the best!

I add seeded peppers to cornbread.
But like someone else mentioned just keep a bag of them in the freezer.


DH slices in rings, leaves seeds in and pickles using his dill pickle recipe. I love them this way, like candy to me. I love them on jalapeno swiss burgers, top chili with them, add to baked potatoes, and awesome in omlets topped with his amazing salsa.