Product Recall Recalling Red, Yellow, and White Onions

Discussion in 'News / Product Recalls & Reviews' started by Jorainna, Aug 3, 2020.

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    If you are a Kroger shopper, check your bagged onions. All of the bagged onions except for organics were pulled at our store when we went in today. Checked with the produce employee and he confirmed they had all been recalled. :(

    Got a recall notice on our receipt warning us since we've bought some there, but they are all used. Here I've been boosting our onion/garlic intake hoping to stave off COVID-19. It usually works to prevent colds in winter.

    Glad we've got a mid-week farmers market now. The local onions we can buy there are pricey sweet onions, but they are delicious. Better that than salmonella.
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