Rebate Denied Unfairly? List of Attorney Generals for All States


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As some of you may realize by now, I have a legal background and have been posting about my recent experiences with Inmar.

Most, if not all states, have laws protecting consumers from the type of activity many of us are experiencing with Corona, Modelo, and Pacifico Rebates, i.e. enforcing a start date not printed on the form. Its just not fair, and in many cases its unlawful.

I am in no way encouraging you to act one way or another. The choice is yours, but want to help those of you who may need the money owed to you that is unfairly being withheld. Thus, here is a website that has addresses and links to the websites of the Attorney Generals for each state. The Attorney General's office handles consumer complaint's such as unlawful rebate rejection. Many such sites have online complaint forms but, at the very least, you will have the address to write to them.
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