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    Here's my current wishlist :

    Bread (Brownberry, Pepperidge Farm);
    Bottled Water (any kind, but the only Nestlé water available here is Ice Mountain);

    Bagged Salads (Dole, Fresh Express, Earthbound, Organic Girl);
    Ice Cream (Turkey Hill, Häagen-Dazs);
    Frozen Pizza (Screaming Sicilian, Home Run Inn, Digiorno, Red Baron);

    Frozen Dinners (Lean Cuisine, Stouffers, Mrs. T's Pierogis, Boston Market);
    Cookies (Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco, Keebler);
    Soup (Well Yes, Progresso)

    Greek Yogurt (Chobani, Fage, Icelandic, Siggis);
    Paper (Charmin, Bounty);
    Detergent (Tide, Gain).

    For our church food pantry drives:
    Barilla Pasta and Pasta Sauce;
    Ragu and Prego Pasta Sauce;
    Peanut Butter;
    $1/1 cereal coupons.

    Thanks for reading!
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