Poll: Are you offended if someone re-trades something you sent them?

Discussion in 'Trades: Rules, Lists & Your Questions Answered' started by XUfan, May 20, 2008.

  1. MsSweetCheeks

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    I like stickers because I think they are pretty or cute. Can't really explain it, but I like collecting them. I think on some level it stems from collecting stickers as a kid. I also like to decorate envies with them. I find it gives envies a cheerful and personal touch to them.

    I know when I was in the Navy, I always decorated my letters and all with stickers. I also liked writing in pretty colored ink too. So I guess on some level too it has to do with decorating for me.

    Like holiday stickers, I think it's festive to decorate with them. Puts people in the holiday spirit. That sort of thing.

    I think some people collect them for their kids and that is why they want stickers.
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  2. shelleyf

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    Yes that is not good.:sad3: and you do get what you put into it.
  3. Kathyotz62

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    Shelly I truly believe that...I have given away tons of RAOK's within the past month. I just joined the traders part here. I was actually TOLD by more than 1 person= You don't have to give away coupons !!!

    I am well aware I don't have to....But in doing so I have met some WONDERFUL WONDERFUL ladies. I also know if there is something I need, If they are not going to use it- they will return the favor.

    My Granny was Native American- She bartered and traded for TONS of things. She also did all she could for total strangers. She always said a stranger is just a friend you have not met yet.
    I try my best to live my life alot like she had.........

  4. chocat

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    Your Grandmother quoted A Streetcar Named Desire?! That is awesome.
  5. cody82414

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    Not the least bit
  6. chitownmelli

    chitownmelli Guest

    no, you worded it just fine, I understood and was just trying to be funny in return :D
  7. jeffcocouponlady

    jeffcocouponlady Guest

    I wouldnt be offended hey if there is someone that can use the coupon why let them go to waste
  8. Kathyotz62

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    I wasn't sure where she got Half the sayings she regurgitated...but she did love old movies.
  9. maksmawmaw

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    I am not offended at all. There are times when I trade for something I need, and end up with more then I feel I can use. If it is on someones wish list I will give it. Its not that I didn't need it, its that I ended up with extras. Thank you for everyone that gives what one needs/wants. You never know if they are the right things, they are just hopes that you are.
  10. XUfan

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    Wow! This is an oldie, but a goodie!! I remember when I posted this...but I didn't think it was THAT long ago!!

    It's nice to see that so many traders...then AND now...are ok with re-trading. I still feel funny if I ask for something, and then trade it later. Sometimes, I overtraded for it. Sometimes, I traded in hopes of a sale that never happened. But if someone else in another area gets a good sale, I'm happy to trade my good fortune to them.

    I will admit, I got really upset one time. A member was posting that they were IVVDSO of something (can't remember what it was now, but it was a hot coupon). She even asked me directly if I had it. It wasn't something I would use, and I really thought she needed this for her family. So, we traded...coupons for coupons. She posted feedback when she got it. And 10 minutes later, she posted it for auction...for cash only! I was upset at first. Then, I thought that maybe she needed the cash more than she needed that product. I hope so.
  11. Abbybob

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    I don't mind at all. I often have to re-trade when I get potlucks because there are coupons that aren't valid here in CA, or are for items that aren't sold here (like Red Gold tomatoes and Blue Bunny Ice cream!). I hate seeing high value Q's go to waste!
  12. STallerico

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    I am not offended at all :)
  13. luckycharms288

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    Im not offended at all. Your not going to use every coupon in a potluck so of course you can re trade it.
  14. Jan-from-Kansas

    Jan-from-Kansas Guest

    No I sure don't. If I can't find a lot on their wishlist, I give them coupons that would be good for trading.
  15. pasharain

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    Bumpsie! :p
  16. STallerico

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    Not at all

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