Poll: Are you offended if someone re-trades something you sent them?

Discussion in 'Trades: Rules, Lists & Your Questions Answered' started by XUfan, May 20, 2008.

  1. maree_strawberry

    maree_strawberry Guest

    We have a local Animal Shelter that only accepts Iams or Diet Science! :rolleyes24:

    Which, I think is ridiculous!

    Instead of taking what they can get, these animals are going to go hungry or get less to eat. :shrug7:
  2. ArmyOfFive

    ArmyOfFive Guest

    I'm not. I'm glad I saw this though, because I was just wondering why it was such a big deal that all these WL's have "won't be re-traded," will be re-traded, will not be sold on ebay, etc.
  3. Xaiyla

    Xaiyla Guest

    Most of the time I wouldn't care usless they specifically begged for a hot coupon and I could tell they were tring to profit. Otherwise I have received needed coupons and then were not able to use them for different reasons. But as many have said and I agree with once they leave me they are no longer mine and if it is a blatant attempt to profit then I definitly believe in coupon Kharma!
  4. shawnandbecky02

    shawnandbecky02 Guest

    I'm with tohers about the whole "no time to check". Why would I spend time checking someone's lists for those q's that I sent em? I don't keep a list of what goes out or comes in. Its either in my binder or its not. :shrug:
  5. thickbluebug

    thickbluebug Guest

    It depends. If it was someone that contacted me and asked for it and I really didn't have it. I mean in order to give them my last form, I had to take it away from an inlaw.
    Yes, I would be ticked!

    If I had several and would not miss it. No!

    Most of my friends on here help each other out.
    They would give me the shirt off their back.
    I would do the same for them.
    If I have forms, I share with them.
    If They have forms, they share with me.

    It all Works out.

    The main point to all this is:

    I have learned who not to share my last of anything
    (form /q) with
  6. kval07

    kval07 Guest

    If you trade my extras, that's not a big deal.

    I did trade someone 20 of a coupon and as soon as she got them I saw her put up a post in the trading threads trying to get rid of them. That type of thing bothered me because she specifically requested them. If someone really wants something, but they don't have something I really need, I'll trade them and just try to find something that I may or may not use off their list.

    If you specifically request something and say you really really need it, then go and trade it the first day you get it, yeah, that bothers me.
  7. chellebyerly

    chellebyerly Guest

    I agree with the posters who said they didnt care in a potluck, regular trade or unasked for ROAK. I send lots of extras and I am doing that so if they cant use the Q's I send them, maybe they can trade for ones they can. In a "make me feel good' ROAK, I HOPE they trade them. or use them. I would rather they send them on than to throw them away. I cant stand the thought of throwing them away.

    On another board I have a group of friends and we send thousands of dollars in coupons to our familes overseas in the military, just so they wont go to waste.

    BUT if someone write that their freezer just died, and they lost everything and needed Q's and I sent them ones that I was going to use for myself or trade for my benifit, because I felt they needed them more than me, I would feel taken advantage of.
  8. arasic

    arasic Guest

    If I include it as an extra or in a potluck I almost EXPECT them to trade it(assuming they don't have a personal use for it) Espeacially when I send out RAOK potlucks I KNOW they probably will end up trading at least part of them, and that doesn't bug me...

    BUT if someone is absolutely begging me desperate... and then I see it on their HL I might be a tad offended, simply because I could have given it to someone who NEEDED it rather than someone who was looking for a better trade, etc.

    But I will say that recently I was IVVVVVVVDSO of a coupon for a sale and after I got the coupons I went to the store and someone had(very selfishly, I may add) cleaned them out!!! it was the last day of the sale and it was a "no raincheck" type item, and the coupon would expire before I could use it, so I passed it on...but, as an extra instead of re-listing.

    That's why I said, it depends.
  9. pilesoflaundry

    pilesoflaundry Guest

    Not at all. I usually include extras I don't want or need just for that reason. I figure if you can use them great and if you can't, you can use them to trade for what you do want. You can get a lot in for one stamp, why waste the stamp with 2 or 3 coupons.
  10. scentednights2002

    scentednights2002 Guest

    I don't care if they re-trade the coupons at all. I've had stores raise the prices of items and left me with a bunch of q's that are now not a good deal for me.

    I'm not really happy if I trade someone a bunch of something & then they put the whole bunch up on auction.
  11. Lori63

    Lori63 Well-Known Member Trader Group

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    It's only bothered me once. I am very inexpensive, and I traded someone coupons for a cheap paypal trade. They then turned around and made a profit instead of using them. I am 'cheap' because I like helping people.
    Any other time I've traded I don't care what happens-I trade too much to even keep track of such things. Also, I'd rather it be re-traded and used than thrown away.
  12. scentednights2002

    scentednights2002 Guest

    I agree with that completely!
  13. chocat

    chocat Guest

    over all I couldn't care less, once you have them, they're yours to do what you want with. you could burn them in a ritual to ward off crappy sales for all I care. BUT if you say you desperately need it AND I take it out of my stash (i.e. I would use it myself) for you and you don't use it yourself? that would get under my skin a bit.
  14. MsSweetCheeks

    MsSweetCheeks Mod Of The Month March 2012 - The Grand Theft Trader Group

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    I'm not offended by it. Now there is one thing that I do want to bring up. I know sometimes when it comes to trading stickers, I have seen stickers sent back to me by the same person that I sent them to. I don't expect people to keep all the stickers they receive and I know they are going to pass them on, but I do think people should try be more observant to that. I know people can't remember who sent what to them and I know some of what I send will come back to me on some level. I understand that. Just one time I sent someone a potluck of stickers and then later they had to send to me for something and every sticker they sent me, were stickers that I sent to them. It's wasn't like it was mixed with other stickers or anything. I didn't know what to make of that. I usually can recognize the stickers that I have bought and cut out for trading.
  15. chitownmelli

    chitownmelli Guest

    Phew, glad I haven't traded with you in like. for. ev. er. because I KNOW I would forget who sent me the stickers and then look at your wl and be like oooh lookie I have all stickers that she likes! LOL!!!!

    I don't care if people retrade what I send them, in fact, I make it very clear right in my wishlist that half of it is specifically written for the fact that I save up q's for other people I am trading with, and I encourage train riders to include coupons that are longer dated that might be able to be passed along if they are unable to make a whole envie of wishlist matches :)

    I didn't read all of the replies in here, so sorry if I'm a broken record :D
  16. Kathyotz62

    Kathyotz62 Guest

    I would have to say NO...But there are always exceptions.

    Many Moons ago there was a lady on a diff site asking for 50 to 60 of each coupon known to man. I never dealt with her personally on that site-. It was strictly a trading site, ISO, Have's ...

    Later-on My cousin purchased coupons off of ebay. ( Of course I yelled at my cousin for paying $$ rather than shaking down family members for their inserts. ) Low and Behold That same lady that was crying poverty and asking for all these freebies was turning around and selling them on ebay. The note my cousin recieved in the envie said Check back if you ever need anything I don't use many coupons and always have extras .

    Now that would really P-SS me off. Especially if I thought she was in dire need and went out of my way for her. But ~I also believe what you put out there will come back to you. Lady Karma has a way of biting some in the butt when they least expect it.:biggrin:

    Otherwise I say spread the love- If I give you something and you cannot use it= Please, PLEASE , PLEASE !!! Pass it along to someone that can.

    Just my 2 cts worth
  17. 434Teresa

    434Teresa Guest

    no I am not.. I as long as the coupon gets used I dont care whome does it. I really hate to see good coupons go to waste.
  18. MsSweetCheeks

    MsSweetCheeks Mod Of The Month March 2012 - The Grand Theft Trader Group

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    Melli, I"m really not picky and I really don't get offended. I still really wouldn't say that I was offended over this. It was just that one time I didn't know how to take it becuase it was every sticker that she sent to me and I had just sent them to her. Maybe I didn't word what I was trying to say the best.

    I know stuff I send will come back to me and people don't remember who sends what to them. I'm sure I've been guilty of it myself, but if you sent me a 25 coupon potluck and then a few days later I mailed that same exact potluck back to you, wouldn't you be a little puzzled??? Except in this case it was stickers.
  19. chocat

    chocat Guest

    What i'm picking up from a lot of people in this thread is that as long as you don't dupe the person in some way to get the Q's, they don't mind them being traded along again. i think it's the feeling of being manipulated or taken advantage of that is the trigger point in this type of situation.

    (OT;whats the deal with you guys and the stickers? stamps/cash/Q's i get but I can't wrap my head around the sticker thing.)
  20. shelleyf

    shelleyf Member of the Month March 2009 Trader Group

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    Hi this thread is 4 years old and just got revived today, wow, lol that is a long time:)
    Yes nobody likes being duped but I don't think most people care of someone is trading for something they want or to trade. I trade for stuff I want but also trade for stuff that is popular so I can get the stuff I do need. I don't see anything wrong with it as it helps everyone get what they want. The stickers is what a lot of people collect for their kids and some people (adults) just like them for themselves:)

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