Poll: Are you offended if someone re-trades something you sent them?

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  1. Jesscap5

    Jesscap5 Guest

    Not at all!
  2. joshmamabear

    joshmamabear Guest

    many times, I get extras from people of coupons, forms I already have a lot of. if by chance they see me post a havelist and it includes one item they think they sent as extra, they should not always assume it was from them. The ones I ask for trade, I use them while the ones sent to me as extras, some of them I use if I can, while the rest I pass on to others.

    for me, it'll be stressful and a waste of time to monitor what people do with I send and where and how they use it. I send them in good faith and hope I receive my end, too which is all I care about.
  3. BBgirl

    BBgirl Guest

    Once I trade/give them to you they are yours to do with as you see fit to help your family. There should not be strings allover trades/giveaways:shrug7:. I would be more upset if they weren't used at all then if they found a good home. Also I have had people trade to get the coupons I want to get the coupons they want if that makes sense. You do what you have to do.:smile:
  4. gr8tdiva

    gr8tdiva Guest

    When I trade something it's that person's business to do with it as they see fit.
  5. tivaclare

    tivaclare Guest

    I'd only be offended if they really wanted them and I sacrificed to help them out, only to have them retrade. Overall, I think retrading is fine.

    I frequently retrade what I get in potlucks because my selection out here is SO limited and I can't use many of them.
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  6. meems

    meems Guest

    Only once was I bothered by a similar situation, a person had requested large amts of a pet food coupon "for the pound", weeks later I was looking for the same coupon & she offered it to me for trade. I suppose it's possible she had more than the pound could use, but I've yet to see a pound turn down free food. Just made me go Hmm on the honesty of the original request.

    Otherwise, what you do once it leaves my hands is entirely up to you!
  7. TheWoman

    TheWoman Guest

    Or it is possible that she was waiting for a sale on the pet food so she still had the coupons, saw that you were now asking for them, and decided to be nice and let you trade some back.
  8. meems

    meems Guest

  9. starrling

    starrling Guest

    99% of the time, it wouldn't bother me at all, and never if they were extras. I would hope if I sent someone something he/she couldn't use, that they would be able to trade it with someone who Could use it. I wouldn't even mind if it was something they had really wanted in the first place, but are trading to get something they want even more (make sense?). The only time it may possibly bother me would be if I RAOK'd something to someone to help them out, then he/she in turn retraded for a profit (and then only in select circumstances, because I realize we all have families to feed, etc.).
  10. frogmama

    frogmama Guest

    re-TRADE - wouldn't bother me, but to sell them would. I guess at first I'd be bothered that it took my time when they didnt even want them, but I know how it goes. I got way too many qs one time for somehting and store never got the product so I would have traded them then if i was a trader then. Better than them going to waste, so in the end I'd be ok with it.
  11. naeem5

    naeem5 Guest

    not offended. If I got the value per coupon I wanted, the other side is free to do as they like. I may have tried to get the higher value myself and was not having any luck and decided to lower my value to "move" the stock. If they have the time to wait for a higher value and get it, more power to them.
  12. busyasabeecrg

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    Not at all offended!! I have even been asked several times to do a 3 way trade and it has worked out fine...a win-win for all!

    I sent out a couple of huge envies including lots of "hot" coupons like meat and cheese wts and $2/1 plus some $4/1 to a member who said she needed them to feed her kids, but she was later banned from this site. I blame myself... but feel I learned a lot...I'm much more careful now.
  13. SchwoomsMom

    SchwoomsMom Guest

    My question would be, what if you traded for a coupon, to specifically retrade to someone else, and that trade fell thru? Are you supposed to throw them away?
    Several times I've traded for something that I know one of my "usual" traders is always looking for. I'll trade stuff I can't use, for the coupons, and then retrade them to someone else, for something I can use.

    My 2c... I'd NEVER be offended if someone retraded something I sent them. Whether it was a hot coupon, a begged coupon or an extra. Once the trade is complete, it's gone and out of my hands.

    Just my opinion!
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  14. map332

    map332 Guest

    I would not be offended at all. Even if they begged me for them. Sometimes they may get the same q from another source and have too many so they trade the extras - its no biggie to me. I regift so I think its the same thing.
  15. KrazyKatie

    KrazyKatie Member Trader Group

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    Honestly, I would rather see a coupon used by SOMEONE before it expires. Even if it's something someone begged for and they traded for other coupons or RAOK'd it. Sometimes they just don't get to use it in the way they had intended to. So, by re-trading it, it has a good chance of helping someone if the original recipient can't use it.. :smile:

    Sometimes, I like to share my surplus trade coupons with my friends and family in Texas. If I can't use them in time, why not? :wink7:
  16. hotcouponmama

    hotcouponmama Guest

    I say no worries, even if it was something you wanted. Your sale might have gone off, you might have not been able to get as many as you thought you could use, afford, etc.

    I would rather have the coupons going to someone who can get them used up.
  17. luvscoming2usall

    luvscoming2usall Guest

    Doesn't enter my mind as I'm offended by too much violence, disrespect and callousness in the real world.
  18. jacknroxie

    jacknroxie Guest

    not offended.
  19. saving4earlyretirement

    saving4earlyretirement Guest

    Not offended at all - I rather have a coupon traded and used than expire.

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