Poll: Are you offended if someone re-trades something you sent them?

Discussion in 'Trades: Rules, Lists & Your Questions Answered' started by XUfan, May 20, 2008.

  1. XUfan

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    I've never posted a poll before, but I need a little input from other traders. Here's why:

    Several traders have asked me for my Havelist recently. I don't have one, and have been able to complete lots of trades without one. But, I can see where it would come in handy in speeding up the trade process. The reason that I'm hesitant to post one, is because most of my Non-Inserts have come from other trades. There are so many generous traders here, who include lots of extras in their envies! But, even though some of them are GREAT coupons, they're for things my family doesn't eat or use. I'd like to be able to find good homes for them...in exchange for something another member can't use, but I can use. Also, I sometimes overtrade for a coupon, and would like to re-trade my extras. But, I don't want to hurt any feelings, or ruffle any feathers along the way. (Good coupon Karma is a must!!)

    I'd really like to know how other traders feel about this issue.
  2. buddysmom

    buddysmom Guest

    I wouldn't be offended at all. (was there a poll to vote? ) :shrug7:
  3. applepie

    applepie Guest

    I wouldn't be offended either....I'd rather someone use the coupon than for it to sit around and expire.
  4. chitownmelli

    chitownmelli Guest

    Not at all. Sometimes I am ISO something and either end up not being able to do the deal, or getting more q's than I need (thanks to all the generous folks here of coarse) and so I think it is great that we can retrade and share with someone who will be able to use them.
  5. lmcconne

    lmcconne Guest

    Coupons traded are like gifts. Once you receive them, it's the recipient's business what they do with them.
  6. extechy

    extechy Guest

    I'm not offended at all.

    When I RAOK or trade, I usually peek at the person's WL and send extras. If it's not something I want, need, or use, why does it matter?
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  7. mocha poka

    mocha poka Guest

    I'm not offended. I don't think twice about the coupons I send out in a trade once they have left me, lol. I didn't need them so it doesn't matter to me what the person does with them.
  8. rockhound24

    rockhound24 Guest

    I would not be offended at all. I have traded for something and then was not able to use it the way I thought I could. I then traded it to someone who really wanted it. I think that once the trade is made, you should be able to do whatever you want with the coupons you received.
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  9. couponsmakecents

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    Not offended at all. Alot of times I trade for q's that I know someone else needs in order to complete a trade with them. I have several traders (not here) that we send for each other to complete other trades; saves postage for all. Once it leaves my hands, it is no longer mine and I have no say over what it done.
  10. mmandjsmom

    mmandjsmom Guest

    I might be offended if they begged for it in a pm with me, but if it was part of a potluck or train trade.....no worries. That said, I don't really have time to check people's havelist after I have sent them a trade to see if they are trying to trade the couons I sent them. I have also gotten coupons in a trade/ train that is for a product that I can not find here. Someone might as well use them.
  11. nrpeace17

    nrpeace17 Guest

    I would not be offended in the least. First of all it isn't my business what people do with the coupons after we complete the trade. Secondly I am happy to share the wealth with the other traders out there. :smile:
  12. isis

    isis Guest

    Not offended either. I'm just getting back into trading, so I don't have alot of extras. I try to pass along a few here and there, if they can't be used, so be it. If it finds a good home to be used, even better. A few times I overtraded for coupons, so I traded those coupons for other coupons I could use. If I couldn't use them, at least now they are going to someone who will use them.
  13. debranator

    debranator Guest

    Unless they asked and it was an roak,
    who cares?
    And I could not imagine checking someones have list, even if it was an roak.:hysterical:
  14. tacatcon

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    I wouldn't be offended in the least. Even if it was something the person specifically contacted me about trading for, hey if I didn't need it and I traded it away, I don't care what they do with it. For all I know it didn't get to them in time for whatever sale they needed it for or they found the coupon elsewhere in the meantime and got enough of whatever it was.

    The only time I might be offended is if I traded another member for something specific and was very generous on my end because of a situation the person posted about. Then if I saw them re-trading them, i would be a little upset. I've yet to have that happen though!

    I love reading the answers! Great poll!
  15. XUfan

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    Thanks for all the input, and for bringing up some good points.

    I, too, have received q's for products that aren't sold in my area. I've also traded for q's for a specific sale, but couldn't get to the store in time to use them. And we've probably all traded for q's, then couldn't find the product cheap enough to make buying it worthwhile!

    BTW...I don't have time to check (nor do I want to) to see what someone is doing with the q's that I send them. But, I have actually gotten a PM from someone, a year or so ago, who was upset when I had an auction that included some items they sent me as extras.
  16. Jiji

    Jiji Guest

    It would have never occurred to me to be bothered by it. When I trade a Q, it's no longer mine, so why can I not approve.

    I had a trader the other day ask me if I minded it being retraded (which I thought was a polite, but odd question - now I see why?) and my comment to her was, "Hey, if you can a buck or a get a good Q with it, GO FOR IT!!".

    Does anyone really get offended by this? I think the only emotion I would have is jealousy that they were smart enough to get a "payoff" I wasn't.
  17. werblam

    werblam Guest

    ITA :biggrin:
  18. ScrappyDoo

    ScrappyDoo Guest

    Good heavens no!!! I can't even remember the trades once they're done anyway......Once they leave me they belong to the other person to do with what they wish. If I miss out on an opportunity to have made that same trade cuz I didn't bother to go through wishlists then it is my own fault, not yours.:wink7:
  19. ASweetHeart

    ASweetHeart Guest

    If someone asks for a RAOK, or replies to a RAOK thread for a reaaly good/hot coupon(s), then turns around as soon as they get they put and ad up they want pphf, stamps or whatever, yeah, that would bug me. I'd rather send my RAOK to someone who can actually use it and doesn't just want to profit off of what I send.

    Any other situation is fine. If I send send extras or whatever, or it's just part of a trade, I don't care and they can do what they want.
  20. mmb1996

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    could care less.............

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