Please share your tuna recipes!!



My son loves tuna and comes up with inventive EASY ways to use it.

He scrambles eggs and mixes in a can or pouch of tuna for breakfast.

He heats a pouch of Uncle Ben's Ready rice and mixes in a can or pouch of tuna.

He cooks a Knorr or Lipton noodle side dish pouch and adds in a can or pouch of tuna ... and adds frozen green peas if we have any ... for a sort of 'instant' tuna-noodle casserole.

He adds a can or pouch of tuna to Ramen Noodles or Yakisoba Noodles ... along with some extra soy sauce or terriyaki sauce &/or ginger &/or wasabi ... just depending on what we have on hand.


I just made something that someone might enjoy. It's a tuna Parmesan pasta. (sorry I don't have exact amounts for stuff I just kinda throw it together :giggle2:)

Make whatever pasta you desire. While the pasta is boiling. Get a spoonful of butter and melt it in a pan. Add some flour to make kinda a paste/roux (I tend to make it thicker than a usual roux :whistle67:)
Add about a 1/2 cup to a cup of milk adding gradually until you get the consistency you like (I use skim and it works just fine). Add about 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese (you can use grated or shredded or w/e form you's gonna melt anyway)
That's your basic sauce for this. I season with basil, garlic powder, black pepper, and a little red pepper (I like a little spice, but I can't take much, while my bf on the other hand would put half the bottle in there). After seasoning I add a drained packet/can of tuna to the sauce and put it over the pasta.

Seems a little complicated but it only takes as much time as the pasta takes to boil and finish, and I have all of these ingredients on hand usually.


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Thanks for starting this thread XUFan. I have over 60 pouches waiting to be consumed and this gives me different ideas than sandwiches and casserole. I will be getting more too! Free at HT with 0.55 q's. LOVE FREE TUNA! :giggle2:


For anyone who ends up with just ABSOLUTELY too much tuna ... don't forget that it is great for food drives. Every charity I've ever been invloved with has always made a point that they get way less canned/non-perishable meat products than anything else ... so they really appreciate things like Tuna, canned chicken, Spam, corned beef hash, etc.