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    I shop at Kroger, CVS, Target, Ulta, and Trader Joes.

    I cannot except ANY expired coupons

    I prefer coupons off of 1 item since none of my stores double coupons anymore

    No baby coupons please

    I have 2 pre-teen girls, 2 dogs and 1 hubby :)

    Dairy -
    Chobani Flip
    Bel Gioioso Mozzarella Cheese
    Silk Coffee Creamer
    Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk
    Blue Diamond Almond Milk
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Cracker Barrel Cheese
    Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
    Edy's Ice Cream
    Frozen -
    Artisan Bistro Burritos
    Jimmy Dean Breakfast Items
    Outshine Popsicles
    Bryers Ice Cream
    Ore-Ida Frozen; hashbrowns, fries, tater tots
    Grocery -
    Any Salsas
    Lenders Bagels
    Hillshire Genoa Salami With White Cheddar Cheese
    Any boxed pasta
    Any tortilla chips
    GM Honey Nut Cheerios - high $ off 1
    Betty Crocker Muffins, Cakes, Icing - high $
    Arnold Premium Italian Bread
    Blue Diamond Nut Thins - high or FREE only
    Mission Flour Tortillas
    Planters Nuts
    Skinny Pop
    Dave's Killer Done Right Bread or Bagels
    King's Hawaiian Rolls
    Orville R. Popcorn
    Nature Valley Bars - high $
    Blue Diamond Almonds - high $
    Kind Bars
    Fresh Express Salad Kits
    Meat -
    Perdue Chicken Breasts, Tenders, Etc.
    Any Fresh Seafood
    Alchohol -
    Sam Adams Beer Rebate - Virginia Only
    Wine Rebates - Virginia Only
    Personal -
    U-Kotex - Overnight or Long Pads
    U-Kotex - Any tampons
    Playtex - Any tampons
    Colgate Tooth Paste
    Crest Tooth Paste
    Bandaids - Any
    Children Allergy - Any
    Tampax - Any tampons
    Always - Any pads
    Dove Men's Body Wash
    Dove Body Wash
    Maui/OGX Hair Care
    Makeup Wipes - no generic
    Softsoap - handsoap, bodysoap
    Burts Bees - Any
    CeraVe Lotions
    Cetaphil Lotions
    Eucerin - any high $ (no body sprays)
    Lady Speed Stick
    Razors - high $
    Sundown Children's Vitamins
    Neutrogena - Any high $
    Cleaners -
    Laundry Pods - high $
    Snuggle Softner
    Downy Softner
    Bowny Dryer Sheets
    Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach
    Unstoppables Laundry
    Oxi Clean - Any
    Can Goods -
    Progresso Soup = high $
    Starkist Tuna in Water
    Low Sodium, No Antibiotics Chicken, Beef, Veggie Broth
    Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Water
    Drinks -
    Coffee K-Cups
    Starbucks Hot Chocolate K-Cups
    Sparkling Ice Waters
    Condiments -
    Filippo Berio EVOO
    Gourmet Garden Herb Blends
    Any olives, pickles, capers
    Soy Sauce Low Sodium
    Smucker's Jelly - Natural/Organic
    Peanut Butter Organic
    Sweet Baby Rays BBQ
    Tabasco - small size only
    Ranch Dressings - Any
    Ranch Dip/Dressing Packets
    Chili Packets - Any
    Taco Seasoning - Any
    Au Juis Packets - Any
    Cute Cupcake Cups
    Pet -
    Dog Treats - FREE or high $
    Paper Products -
    Hefty Kitchen Bags - high $ or on 1
    Misc. -
    Digital Blood Pressure Kit
    Glue - Any
    Chewing Gum
    Forever Stamps
    Brand Name Stickers (Pura Vida, Nike, etc)
    Any Slime items

    Gift Cards -
    Tropical Smoothie
    AC Moore
    Forever 21
    Old Navy
    Trader Joes
    Bath & Body Works ***
    Yankee Candle ***
    Jimmy Johns
    Taste Unlimited
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