From "What's for Dinner" Viral Thread Pierogi & Pasta Casserole


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Pierogi & Pasta Casserole

2 boxes pierogies (any flavor ya want ) ... I like the mini ones with cheddar and onion.
2 lbs lean ground turkey
2 boxes dream fields pasta
1 stick velvetta cheese
1 bag moz. cheese (shredded)
1 sleeve ritz crackers
4 TBS butter
1 C milk
Parm cheese

Boil noodles & pierogies drain both, set aside
Brown meat
In your noodle pan, melt down half stick velveeta, stir in milk, 1/2 bag moz cheese, and 4 tbs butter and sprinkle parm cheese as much as you like. Turn off heat and add noodles.

Preheat oven to 350.

In a greased (non stick spray will do) lasagna pan, place your pierogies on the bottom, doesn't matter up or down layer with browned turkey burger them Mac n cheese mix.

Sprinkle remaining moz cheese on top, crush your ritz crackers in a baggie and sprinkle on the top

Bake for about 30-40 mins.

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