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Discussion in 'Secret Pal Swaps & Gift Exchanges' started by cybilx10, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    Since everyone has there own ideas for a swap I thought it would be fun to post a poll to see which one you would all like to do next.

    So please enter the poll and let us know what you want to see next.

    The smaller item swaps will be regular shipping with the additional delivery confirmation added. This to help cut the cost down to hopefully persuay some of you to join in on the fun.

    So please enter and whichever idea has the most votes will be our next swap. :BigHand:

    Here are the ideas with descriptions:

    Mystery or Anything Goes Swap: Post things you need and your pal will pick a few of those items to send to you.

    SPA Swap: Bubble bath, soaps, lotions, pedicure tools etc.

    Reuseable Bag Swap: Swap bags with one another.

    Stockpile Swap: Items will be sent to you from that persons own stockpile.

    Color Swap; Everything inside must be that particular color.

    Home State Swap: Each pal would send a few things to you about their own state.

    Sample Swap: Who wouldnt like to swap out some of the samples we have sitting in our drawers or cabinets.

    Jewelry Swap: Earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc ( all new) swapped with your pal.

    Book Swap: For those lazy days in the sun or when its raining out.

    Beach Bag Swap: Fill your beack bag (can be a reuseable bag as well) with things for a great day at the beach or even next to the pool.
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  2. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    Bumpin up for lookeees!
  3. lazy1608

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    I think that the secret pal swap should be what it used to be. I loved it when you would have one person for a certain amount of weeks (usually a month). You would send them something each week and then a bigger thing as the last gift. I have shyed away from these since now you have a theme for each one and it includes a delivery confirmation added. It was nice the way I described because it truly was a secret what you were going to get from week to week and you received something for a few times during the month. The pals would all list a few things that they liked and you picked from the list of things to send or you would send a surprise! You also sent a 20 coupon potluck with the "gift" each week. Just my two cents.... take or leave it... :)
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  4. rbunnymom

    rbunnymom Guest

    I love this idea! And I think I participated in one when I first started doing SP's.
  5. tacatcon

    tacatcon Mod Of The Month April 2009 Trader Group

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    I think it's possible that we could do some like that as well lazy. I think it sounds like fun. However, some people might not be able to honor that committment. And I think that is why we started having to require a d/c with the package because people unfortunately were not mailing out their packages on time or at all which left other members high and dry.

    That takes the F.U.N. out of Secret Pals. Is there even an F in secret pals? Oh well.

    But I know cybilx10 is going to try to put a little extra fun in there and when Chey gets back online, i'm sure she will be open to suggestions too!

    Great poll by the way. I can't wait. I personally loved the state one last year so I'd love to see that again.
  6. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    I am open to suggestions that are not listed as well. Lazy your idea sounds like fun, but since I do not recall doing those swaps here I would really need Cheys help on that one. Once she gets back online I will definetly bring it up to her.
    But please everyone let me know how you guys feel cause I am here to help make this fun and exciting for everyone!
  7. lazy1608

    lazy1608 Well-Known Member Trader Group

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    And I think that is why we started having to require a d/c with the package because people unfortunately were not mailing out their packages on time or at all which left other members high and dry.

    This happened to me, in fact but I just chalked it up and said " oh well!".... (I didn't receive things from my secret pal)... life happens.

    I just feel that getting the delivery confirmation is an added thing that you need to get before you can mail your packages. Why have the extra step? (I do however realize why you do have people do these... :) )
  8. justmama

    justmama Guest

    I don't think having DC make anyone do anything. All it does it prove the people are do follow through (anyway) are actually following through. Kinda like seat belt laws, IMO, LOL. Just because they sent a package, doesn't mean that it was the correct items. You can add DC to any package, big or small outside of a regular envelope. With that said I add DC anyway, since its virtually free on paypal shipping. I have more of a problem w/ mandatory priority.

    I've done several of the secret swaps that others mentioned. They were FUN! I don't think sending 4 little packages or 1 big themed package will determine if people follow through and honestly whether they sender fails to send week #3 little package OR fails to send 1 big package, aren't people left high and dry either way?

    I know this isn't a rant thread and i apologize, i just wanted comment on the couple of things that were brought up. Feel free to remove, lol!!

    Out of the choices i like the state theme or color theme, that's vague enough for :)
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  9. lazy1608

    lazy1608 Well-Known Member Trader Group

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    I guess I won't be participating in secret pals at this time. I appreciate the input though. :)
  10. PrincessRobin

    PrincessRobin Guest

    i voted for the suprize swap :)
  11. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    We appreciate all of your ideas and opinions. I am working on a few swaps that priority shipping is not required. I am trying to work with everyones ideas cause I dont want anyone to not participate. I do fully understand your opinions. I have been the receiver of a not so nice package but I dealt with it and moved on. I dont expect to receive what I send to others. I hope these next few swaps that go up will bring new people and new ideas. I hope to see all of you on a swap soon!
  12. bugface711

    bugface711 Mod of the Month 12/2010 Sǝɔᴚǝʇɐᴚʎ ʇo ʇɥǝ Quǝǝn Trader Group

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    I love the input!
    Tacatcon & I are working with cybilx10 so that the lower value swaps will not require delivery confirmation because we can see how that can be rough on some swaps : )

    I hope everyone shows Jenn some love for taking on the challenge of setting up some fun secret pal exchanges!!

    I might even have to join a SP swap! I filled in once for a pkg not sent, but have ever once been a part of a swap. OH NO!

    Must go back and vote for something fun LOL
  13. rbunnymom

    rbunnymom Guest

    You must join a SP Swap. They are so much fun. I am regular here:hysterical: but I agree the priority shipping can be a killer. I have only gotten on box that I was ever very unhappy about but that happens - thankfully rarely! My favorite was the one that just ended - the Surprise Theme box by congalady. I would love to do some lesser expensive shipping swaps or at least be given the option of shipping. I think one reason a specific flat-rate box size is chosen so that the recipients are more likely to receive a similar amount of items/size etc. Does that make sense?
  14. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    Would you guys rather choose your own shipping (except media mail for all reasons) or do the specific priority size boxes?

    rbunnymom, you had me worried for a minute there, I had to go back and reread your sentence. I thought you said you had only received a few good packages and the last ones came from Congalady. I was freakin out cause I know I have had you multiple times as a secret pal. Phewww!! That scared me !!!
  15. rbunnymom

    rbunnymom Guest

    :hysterical:Sorry...I just reread it and can see how you thought that.

    So, here goes again.

    I have loved all but one of my SP boxes - that one was a bit lacking in content and in following the wishlist/rules. The wonderful mod at the time made it right though.

    My favorite type of SP trade has been the one that just ended by congalady. The theme trade where we listed a wishlist and someone chose from it. It was lots of fun receiving those boxes(yes, I did it more than once:giggle2:). I love receiving surprises in the mail. My second favorite is the tote bag swap. I have done that one several times and love the variety of bags I have received and that this swap was under $5 total (including shipping)

    Hope I was clearer this time.

    I really LOVE doing the SP trades. I do think we could use our own packaging along with the dc as long as traders watch the weight so they don't end up spending more than if the flat rate box was used. This may have to be on a case by case depending on the type of swap.
  16. justmama

    justmama Guest

    For me neither and this is why. I did the post the list and someone choses at least 3 exact items. Everything was supposed to fit in a certain sized box. There was never a reason given for the size. Was it to be creative so that each item had to be small enough to fit it? Was it to keep shipping at $10.xx? Was it because that was a good size to receive a good amount of stuff in? Here was my issue. I got everything but i think 3 items my person listed. Including the 3 inch zipper binder. I sent SO many things, scissors, pencil pouch, three ring binder, stapler, calculator (i think), items for her kids, etc. There is NO way it would have all fit in that 'required'sized box. Furthermore, i sent everything priority w/ DC for a little over $8.xx. I guess if i understood why that box was required it would make more since. Like i guess it could be fun to see how many items you could fit in a certain sized box, but i found the infamous 3 in zippered binder and wanted to send it. I didn't want to break the rules, but i wanted to send her something she really wanted and honestly if i'm paying for priority shipping, it better be a package worth paying for. I only chose priority because it was like .60 more than parcel post.

    I really think shipping packaging and pricing should be left up to the shipper UNLESS part of the fun of a particular swap is seeing what you can send in a certain sized box.

    And one more thing! I have a postal scale here, i don't want to have to make a special trip to the PO to get a certain sized box.
  17. meggers

    meggers Guest

    Although I don't know what the reason is for sure, I'm thinking it has to do with making sure people didn't intentionally buy small, lightweight items so they could save on shipping.

    If the flat-rate box was required, then everyone would be required to spend the exact same amount on shipping & therefore, they wouldn't be looking to intentionally save money by shipping light. This would take minds off of the shipping amount & place it on the contents of the box.

    I know that goes against everything we stand for...lol, but as with all other rules that have arisen over time, the forum mods probably had previous issues & decided to have one shipping method that would be equal for all.:smile:
  18. cybilx10

    cybilx10 Guest

    Ok all!! You guys voted for it so come join in. I would like to get this swap rollin. The Anything Goes Swap! You pick the items you want and your pal gets them for ya!! How sweet is that~! So come on and join in!

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