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An update from Petco’s CEO, Ron Coughlin:

At Petco, our top priority is and always has been the health, safety and well-being of both pets and their families. Our ability to protect you and yours starts first and foremost with our own people, the pets in our care and the many ways we aim to serve you. We take this responsibility to heart, always.

With that in mind, here are a few more things we want you to know:

• All Petco stores are cleaned and sanitized daily as part of our normal business operations. In light of COVID-19, we’re increasing the frequency and extent of daily cleanings, and taking steps to ensure all Petco locations have ample hygiene and sanitation supplies available.

• Each Petco store has several hand sanitizer stations in place at varying locations throughout the store (also part of our normal operations), and we’ve instructed our teams to ensure hand sanitizer is also available at all checkout locations, grooming salons and other high traffic areas of the store.

• Consistent with guidance from the CDC, we’re encouraging all Petco partners to follow appropriate preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including staying home if they are feeling ill or believe they may be at risk. We’re also evaluating our paid leave policy to ensure our partners feel safe and supported if they need to miss work.

• We've temporarily restricted all non-essential travel across the company, including vendor visits to any Petco locations, and we’re cancelling attendance at large meetings and gatherings.

• As always, we're also ready to serve pet parents online at and through the Petco app, with Repeat Delivery; buy online, pick up in-store; and same-day delivery options also available.
We work hard every day to make Petco a safe, healthy and happy place to shop and work, and we will always do everything we can to serve and protect you and your pets. We’ll continue to keep you updated at

Thank you for being a loyal part of the Petco family.