Operation Use It Challenge!



I have a challenge to present to everyone!

There is a popular challenge in the stockpiling section that mainly focuses on everyone's total oop. The idea started as a way to get folks to use up their stockpiles, but it seems to have evolved to a list of everyone's total expenditures. It is a fun thread and fun to read.

Perhaps we can do another challenge in this section with a slightly different focus. USING your stockpile and not spending money.

Every year, I make new challenges and goals for myself for couponing. In 2010, I came up with Operation Use It! My goal was as little oop as possible, and to use the stockpile. Well, I kept my oop quite low ($288 for the entire year! WOOT! Not as good as previous years, but I was quite busy and didn't have as much time to dedicate to couponing as previous years, but still wonderful). I focused my energies on finding ways to use what I had and only went shopping for things that were free after coupon or free after rebate. I did have to purchase milk, eggs, fresh produce, as well as other ingredients to use up the stockpile.

Well I am trying to extend Operation Use It! to 2011. I have a nice stockpile now, and am focusing on saving money for a few financial goals we have.

To stay on target, I thought I would start a thread where folks can post their efforts to not spend anything, and to start using those stockpiles creatively. I see a whole lot of stockpile pictures where I seriously think many of us do not need to be spending more money, but can use up the stockpiles and save some money for a while in the process. I know the allure of a good deal is hard...but not spending money is even more alluring.

Recipes, creative uses of stockpile items, motivation to keep oop low and use up stockpiles are all welcome here.


Yesterday I made lo mein...a creative use of the free noodles this week

Penn Dutch noodles are free this week (and last) at shoprite
I added in onions, cabbage (free), chicken quarters deboned and chopped ( free), Chinese mushrooms soaked in water and chopped, a small bell pepper, garlic chopped, 2 scallions, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce.

It was delicious! However, I wound up with 4 pounds of lo mein! Good thing DH loved it. This is about 6 meals. All for under a buck.

Breakfast: potatoes (free), onions (free), 1 egg(about 6 cents) all fried up. Coffee
lunch: not hungry after the huge breakfast
dinner: lo mein for 2

chicken quarters again (I got 30 pounds free!) with a hoisin glaze baked (not great, won't make again)
bok choy (.79 a pound - got a small bunch)
jasmine rice (I get 25 pound bags for $18 at BJs, and it lasts us 6 months...so a serving costs pennies)

breakfast: cereal (free) and a little milk, coffee
lunch: clam chowder (free) and multigrain bread (free) and butter (free)
dinner: chicken (free) , rice, bok choy for 2

next few days - leftovers!!

Total for the week- under a buck! :)

Today is shopping day. I got $171 worth of free stuff, and made a $35 profit! I got paid $35 today to take home about 5 bags of stuff. Woot!