Need your opinion on air fryers


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I am looking for an air fryer and your input would be appreciated. Please let me know what you think of yours - brand, size, etc.
I could kick myself in the ... you know. A few years ago I found a barely used canister style air fryer at a Goodwill for $15. I thought about it. I always have to ask myself, after a history of appliances that end up in my closets which I dub "the museums of bad decisions" if I would really use the air fryer enough. So I passed. About three years ago I broke down and bought a combo toaster oven / air fryer for around $60. I figured that the 6-quart size would be great and it has a basket for things like chicken wings, the main reason that I wanted one. We used it once as an air fryer but continue to use it as a toaster... a pretty expensive toaster, to be honest. The chicken wings made a mess and the oven is not easy to clean. The air fryer setting on the Black & Decker combo is preset at 400 degrees which I don't like at all. I should have bought the $15 canister style instead of the oven. That's not to say a different make/model of oven might not have been wiser. For those who are looking to check out air fryers, some libraries actually lend them out to patrons. Libraries lend out some crazy things including baking pans, Roku devices and in case of a Massachusetts library... parachutes! I assume by now the original poster has found their own answer... what was it? Don't leave us hanging! :)