Need help with home dry cleaning sheets

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To tell the truth, until today I did not even know these things existed. The closest dry cleaner to me is about 20 miles away and he takes three weeks! He is also extremely expensive.

So when I heard about dry cleaning sheets, I googled them and it looks like the perfect solution for me. I can get them on Amazon which offers free delivery to Israel for orders over $49 -- and there are always things I can add to my order to reach that amount.

I have a number of questions before I do this, and hopefully you can answer them:

1. Do these things really work?
2. If so, which brands are best?
3. Do I need a special sack to put my clothes in for the cleaning?
4. Are there any hints you can give me to get the best results?


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I tried it once, a long time ago and it worked on clothing. My best advice is know how your dryer works. What temperature is at the control you need.

I have also washed dry clean only on my washer machine in delicate. Then I hang them to dry. worked like a charm.


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FF, I don't have any advice for you, since I've never used them.

But, I thought I'd post here to bump up your post, in case anyone can help.
Hello Man of Mystery! My wife and I have used one of the dry cleaner kits by Dryel. There are other manufacturers of similar products. They were recommended to us by a young man who used them on his dry-clean only uniforms. He was able to save a bundle over professional laundry service companies. As mentioned above your dryer will make the difference, as well as the fabric and too many other variables to list. The kit we bought did come with a special bag in the starter kit. Your first order should contain it and then refill kits will be all that's necessary providing you like the results. It is important to make certain that any stains are removed because, like any clothing, the dryer will "set" them. There are so many results from a Google search of "best home dry cleaning products" from all kinds of sources. Surely you can go insane from reading them all. The thing to watch is what articles are written for the affiliated income and which are written for the consumers... and the wisdom to know the difference. Pricing is not always equal to value and many brand names are more expensive than alternatives. Find a target price that works best for your budget, read the reviews on the negatives to see if they are things you can live with and you will have already reduced your cost over the cost of professional cleaning. I was hoping to find a "best home dry cleaning products" results from Consumer Reports Magazine. I could not find anything on their web site with the quick search that I tried. When getting results from your favorite search engine, look for the source to help separate professional testing and reviews from writers just looking to make money from "sales." Best of luck! It won't be long before you will be able to answer our questions in this forum should your question be asked by another member.