Assistance Program Need FREE Legal Help? 3 Options.

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    Option #1 If you experience a legal problem and cannot afford a lawyer, maintains a large selection of free articles to help you understand the law. There is also an “Ask a Lawyer” button, but what the attorneys will provide free varies greatly, you may get a simple answer or a short consultation.

    Option #2 If your income is limited, you may qualify for free legal help from a local attorney in your area. The U.S. Department of Justice maintains an extensive list of pro bono legal service providers that you can search by state. "Pro Bono" is a fancy way to say "without charge."

    Option #3 Many attorneys will provide a free initial consultation, just ask. Before your appointment, prepare well by making a list of questions to ensure you get the most out of the freebie consult.

    Here's hoping you never need these suggestions. . . :D

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