Need Crockpot Recipes using these ingredients



I'm looking for a crockpot recipes.
I have the following ingredients, as well as basic seasonings, chicken boullion, bbq sauces, soya sauce, Worcestershire, etc.

boneless/skinless chicken breast
brown rice
soba noodles
bush's baked beans
kraft dinner
spaghetti pasta
red potatoes
romaine lettuce
frozen veggies
1/2 block of cheese
tortilla wraps

I could easily cook basic dinners wiith chicken, a serving of rice/potato, a serving of veggies. But I'm looking for something different.

Domestic Gal

I make a really good stew it is called cowboy stew.
I make it with beef but you could use the chicken instead.

I do not have exact amounts as I just put in what looks like a good amount for my family.

Take cubed chicken place it on the bottom.
add chopped carrots, potato's, onion, celery
you can add in the frozen veggie also if you want to use them up or make a large batch.
pour a can of baked beans or pork and beans in and 1/2 cup bbq sauce.
Put the lid DO NOT ADD ANY MORE LIQUID it makes it own.
Cook on low for 7-8 hours.
We just love this. I usually make enough for 2 meals of it.

Serve with a salad.