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This is a quickie for my NBPR peeps. There is a meat rebate from Coppola that doesn’t require a wine purchase but expired on 11/6/21. If you have a $5+ meat receipt laying around and want to give it a shot here’s the info:

go to coppola . inmarrebates . com (type it out people), under submit a rebate click on “click here to begin”, look for the rebates with the cow on them and find the one that doesn’t say with the purchase of wine, this one OFFER CODE: FFCW021C3, the submit this offer and the rest is pretty normal.

I did this offer a week ago or so and got a your submission is good email today. Note that this rebate doesn’t have any states listed in the t&c and my state is usually a wine/liquor required state and now sorta a BPR state.
You maybe get $5 or your maybe waste a little time. No guarantees.

Completed rebates must be received by 12/06/2021.