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    Thanks for visiting.

    We grow most of our veggies and purchase veggies and fruit from local farmer markets. We do not eat much meat; but what we do, we buy from the local butcher.

    I only shop at Target and Walgreens. Can use printable as long as they are clear and color. High dollar is great, my stores do NOT double

    I would love Target and Manufacture for items listed below.

    NO SEAFOOD, COFFEE, AIR FRESHENER/SPRAYS, MAKEUP, HAIR COLOR, MEDICINE, DOG/CAT FOOD - I can't say this enough NO NO seafood, makeup, hair color, medicine or dog/cat food, we DO NOT utilize.

    Simply OJ
    country bobs-please, please
    country crock butter
    kraft cheese- sliced and shredded
    fresh fruit
    fresh veggies

    Club Crackers
    Tomato Paste-organic-please, please, please
    Barilla Pasta-
    Tea Bags-Luzianne and Lipton
    Ranch Original dressing
    Kraft dressing
    Heinz Ketchup
    Quacker Oats
    Kingsford Charcoal

    Paper Towels-Bounty
    Toilet Paper- 1.00 or better
    Oxy Laundry
    Swiffer Dry Clothes-No wet ones
    Clorox Cleaner
    Simple Face Scrub-please please
    Suave Shampoo
    Aussie Hairspray
    Garnier Fructis Shampoo
    Reynolds Foil
    Tide-love the $2 off small bags
    Hefty or Glad Trash Bags

    For trades, I can always use:
    forever stamps
    garden seeds - flowers/veggies
    stickers- for granddaughter/grandson
    Lowes/Menards - anything
    Any free sample
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    Week 1 envie going out Monday

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