My 2018 American Cancer Soc. Relay for Life Team site now open.

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    Hello all,

    I set up a team today in the A.C.S Relay for Life 2018 in my community.


    This is the link to my team:

    Each year, I get inserts and some other coupons and items donated to me by neighbors and others and send to people. I donate all but the postage to this A.C.S. team. I gave ACS $2,500. for the 2017 Relay year. Some was straight gifts to me from friends and family. Some came from HCW people and others for their coupons.
    YOU can help us in the fight against a disease that will affect one in two men and one in three women in their lifetime. LMK the coupons you want. If $5. or more. you can donate direct to the team site via Paypal or credit or debit card. You can also send me cc, check, MO and I will forward to A.C.S.

    We hope that we can find cures for cancers in the years to come. As an Oncology nurse, I see the progress and believe that is truly possible. Let's give ACS all the help that we can for research and other programs that they have.

    Quastions? Contact me in PM or Email - [email protected]

    God Bless,
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