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Master List of Companies to Contact for Coupons

Our old list on steroids! Please let us know if a company you contact is not on this list. Need tips on the "Art" of Contacting Companies? CLICK HERE. Need sample emails to get your writing juices flowing? CLICK HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: I highly recommend creating a dedicated email address for this, and things of a similar nature, like signing up for "Restaurant Birthday Freebies," "Retailer Birthday Offers" or "Entertainment Birthday Offers." You don't want to flood your primary inbox with adverts from all these places!

Please accept our thanks in advance for letting us know if a link has become broken. Thank you! :D

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Abreva Lip Ointment
Angel Soft Bath Tissue
Annie’s Homegrown
Apple & Eve
Applegate Farms
Arm & Hammer
Aunt Jemima
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