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    Mary Topinka's Wishlist
    Can use IPS at CVS, Target and Walmart
    Can't use IPS at: Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dillons.
    Dillons is a Kroger store so I can use Kroger coupons.

    Please don't send prairie farm not in this area or not sure I have ever seen it. But website says sold in KS.

    Please a no almonds, medicine, depends, smokes, or dog, items only listed. Please no pet food at this time .

    Current Wish List:


    I am a diabetic - healthy snacks/please no protein bars or shakes

    Wt Watchers items
    White Castle
    Marie Calendar
    Jimmy Dean refrigerated
    Tyson chicken strips
    Kraft and Oscar Mayer $1.25

    Diet Coke
    Straight tea $1 off a 6 pack
    $1.00/2 Pure Leaf 6-Packs
    Voss water $1 off 2 (ip) 9-15 or later (Also a catalina)

    Bush Beans please no baked/need variety, black or organic
    Skippy or Jif peanut butter
    tuna salad Bumble Bee
    Hormel chili .55 cent off 2

    Aunt Jemima
    Special k
    Red Mill
    Cake mix for Angel Food
    Quaker oatmeal any amount
    Oroweat whole grain bread
    Sara Lee bread/pepperidge farm/roman meal/sunmaid raisin bread
    Minute rice 50 cent
    Barilla on 1

    Well Yes soup
    salads/dole /express
    Dole can fruits any
    canned and frozen veg and fruit/fresh
    Murrays cookies, Voortman or sugar free other brands
    Hersheys cookie crunch bags $1
    Nabisco good on graham crackers
    Nabisco 75 cent off 2
    Keebler crackers
    Snyder's pretzels. $1 only off 1

    Dial handwash and soaps
    Ajax 28 oz .50 cent off 1
    Mr Clean
    Febreeze (no candles)
    Angel soft toilet paper
    Go daddy sponges

    Need a print out on Era laundry detergent. At least 2
    Hefty slider bags $1 of 2
    Campbells homestyle $1 off 2
    avocados from mexico

    love tearpads/peelies
    Skinny cow $1
    Mussleman on big cup coupons on 4 need upc also

    love Kroger food coupons

    press and seal enevelopes
    g.c Kroger/CVS/Walmart/Amazon/Subway/Target/Kohls
    yarn and crochet hooks
    naz labels

    Coke codes

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