Make your train ride requests here!



Your friendly train mods love to see the train forum busy and all of the trains overflowing with riders. With that said, we want to post trains that people are truly interested in riding.

Please post any ideas for a train or train style of train you would like to see. Conductors can use this thread to get train ideas.

If anyone is interested in conducting for the first time, check out the post HERE.

Ready, set. . . Choo Choo!!
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How about instead of the conductor matching up the riders, you let the riders match themselves up? Ask the riders to send their top 3 people they'd like to send to and then the ultimate decision could be up to the conductor.

That way, the riders can look at others' WL to see if they have more matchups for someone else. In the end, hopefully everyone will get more q's they are asking for :fingerscrossed: instead of potluck.

Just a thought...


I love love love Non-Insert trains! Have only been in 1 in the last 10 months!


It's a good idea, HCW Newbie, and I think variations of this have been done. Thanks for throwing it out there, maybe someone will host one of those soon.

If I ever had any decent non-inserts I would host a non-insert train, with my stash though, I really worry about having enough to give a quality envie to my match up. Glad to hear there is interest though, maybe someone with better access to non-inserts will be interested in hosting one :)


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How about a train where people pick 3 words and get coupons based on those three words like: coffee, cleaners and cheese.


Have a train based on "Downton Abbey" the show on Masterpiece Theater. You could have two trains racing each other: one for the staff downstairs, and the other for all the rich folks who live upstairs. Each person on the train could pick which character they want to be.