LWWs Breakfast Casserole



I tend to just throw this together, so my measurements are going to be LWWese, lol. Like for cheese, when you put the casserole together, I just sprinkle it on top and we love cheese so it's usually half a bag of shredded cheddar.

simply potatoes hashbrowns
couple strips bacon or a bit of breakfast sausage or both
couple eggs
a bit of cheese
2 regular size cans of crescent rolls
country gravy
cooking spray
casserole dish

I start off making the hasbrowns, since they take the longest. Just follow the directions on the package for those. (I'm sure you can use regular hashbrowns, but I've never been so good at those and with the simply potatoes package of hashbrowns it always comes out just how I like them, nicely brown and curnchy). Season to your family's taste, we usually just do a couple dashes of salt and pepper and then add most of our seasoning when everything is lumped together.

While those are going I cut up a couple strips of bacon or grab some sausage and then cook that up.

After those two are going spray your dish and lay out the roll dough. DO NOT make this into the crescent rolls. Just keep rolling it out straight and line the bottom of the dish with the first package of the dough.

Put your fully cooked hashbrowns down, then top with the meat. If I add eggs (I'm not an egg person, so I sometimes omit them and am still fine) I go ahead and scramble them in the hashbrown pan and then add those. Sprinkle on some cheese. Season (salt, pepper, garlic powder, dash or two of celery seed, and a dash of italian herbs is what I use).

Now top with the second container of crescent rolls and cook according to the directions on the cans. It's going to take more near the maximum cook time for the heat to get to the bottom layer of crescent roll dough.

While the casserole is in the oven I make up the country gravy. Depending on how your family likes gravy, I usually make 2 packets of gravy mix.

Then when your casserole is done just top with the gravy and serve and enjoy your oh so yummy and artery clogging breakfast :)